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Winnie The Pooh Coloring Pages

There have been a few fictional characters that have stood the test of time to bring joy to fans throughout the years. Most characters come and go, but some are destined to remain icons for many years, and Winnie The Pooh is one of the best examples of this. The lovable clumsy bear has brought joy to readers both young and old for generations, and surely will for generations to come! AD These free Winnie The Pooh coloring pages for kids are a great way to share some adventures with everyone’s favorite little yellow bear! There is a wonderful variety of different settings and backgrounds with these pages, so you can really experiment with colors and different art mediums. Once you’ve colored in your favorite Winnie The Pooh printables, we hope that you’ll share your colorful artworks to our Facebook page! We can’t wait to see what fun adventures you have alongside Winnie The Pooh. 30 Brand New Winnie The Pooh Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color This Winnie the Pooh coloring sheet shows the lovable bear in his happy place as he enjoys a pot of his beloved honey. AD He is lying outside in a peaceful field, and there are some puffy clouds. It all makes for a happy and peaceful scene, and if we were to color it in we would probably go for some watercolor paints or some colored pencils. We think these mediums are perfect for calm and peaceful settings, but what else can you think of for this fun image? Winnie The Pooh coloring pages free printable Share AD Butterflies are known for their color and their beauty, and so they’re a perfect addition to any coloring page. That’s why we added one to this super cute picture of Winnie the Pooh! He is enjoying some honey only for a cute butterfly to land on his nose, and it’s an experience that is so special that it distracts him from his honey for a moment. This butterfly also provides a detail that you can add some bright and vibrant colors to for a stunning focal point to the picture. What are some colors that you could use for the butterfly? Winnie The Pooh coloring pages free printable Share AD For this first picture in our series of free Winnie The Pooh coloring sheets for kids, we have Winnie tucking into his favorite food in the whole wide world: honey! Winnie will do pretty much anything for honey, so it’s clear why he’s looking so happy in this picture. I think that using some thick yellow acrylic paint for the honey dripping out of the pot would add a nice bit of dimension to this sweet image. New Winnie The Pooh Coloring Pages Share AD Winnie definitely likes to take it easy most of the time, but we have him in a more energetic activity for this fun Winnie The Pooh coloring printable. He’s holding a basketball that he’s about to throw to someone, and I wonder which of his many friends he’s playing with? Coloring in the basketball with a nice bright orange would contrast beautifully against a bright yellow for Winnie The Pooh himself. winnie the pooh coloring pages free printable Share AD Winnie the Pooh has been drawn in many different styles over the years throughout his different media appearances, and this page shows him in a simpler style. It seems to be referencing the original illustrations that he was drawn with in his first book appearances. For that reason, this is another page we would recommend watercolors for. This would be the perfect medium for recreating the color and art style of those earlier Winnie the Pooh books. Do you think you will try to replicate that style or go for something brighter and more vibrant for a more modern look? Winnie The Pooh coloring pages free printable Share AD We hope that you’re ready for some relaxing coloring fun with the next page in our collection of free Winnie the Pooh coloring pages for kids. He is taking a nap in this one, and it’s such a cute little scene. The best part is that there is a bubble above his head, and you can draw what you think he could be dreaming about. There are so many fun ideas that you could use for his dreams! Maybe he’s dreaming of a giant pot of honey or a party with all of his friends. What are some other ideas you have? Winnie The Pooh coloring pages free printable Share AD It’s time for a coloring tea party with Winnie in this cute Winnie The Pooh coloring page. He’s taking a nice deep sniff of the delicious tea he’s about to enjoy! I think that it would look really pretty to use your very favorite color for the teapot and teacup that he’s holding. What color do you think you’ll use for these objects to finish off this picture? winnie the pooh coloring pages for kids free printable Share AD This fun Winnie The Pooh coloring sheet has him drying off with a towel. I think that for this one, it would look great to color in the towel with a really bright art medium such as colored pens or markers. You could use such mediums for Winnie himself as well for some vibrant color contrasts! original winnie the pooh coloring pages free printable Share AD We have an extra adorable picture for you to color in this cute Winnie The Pooh printable! Winnie is hugging a cute teddy bear, and he looks very happy and content! I think that this image would look really good with some warmer colors to fit the cozy, happy atmosphere of this picture. I would use a lovely rich purple for the background to really finish off the sweet and loving vibe of this picture. How will you share the love in this wonderful coloring sheet? black and white winnie the pooh coloring sheets free printable Share AD It’s time for some more active fun in this next Winnie The Pooh coloring page! Winnie is again enjoying an outdoor activity as he prepares to through a football to someone. I’m wondering again who he might be playing with? Maybe you could draw the face of the character you think he’s throwing the ball to in the corner of the page! That would be a great way to show us who you think it could be, and I would be very interested to see what everyone thinks! cute winnie the pooh coloring book free printable Share AD Next, we have a fun and imaginative little scene for you to enjoy. Winnie seems to be lost in his imagination, as he is pictured sitting on some puffy clouds here. Because this is his imagination, it’s safe to assume that honey would be involved in this scenario. There is space above his head, so you could draw a bubble to show what has made him so blissful as to imagine that he is floating on the clouds. What do you think could have him feeling this way? We can’t wait to see what ideas you have! Winnie The Pooh coloring pages free printable Share AD Winnie is ready for his closeup on this next page we have for you. We get a good look at the details of his smiling face, and you can work in some great color details. The background has been left pretty vague, and it has a really stylistic feeling to it. You could color the background in all sorts of creative ways! If you wanted to make this a dream scenario for Winnie, you could use golden yellow in order to make it look like he’s swimming in an ocean of honey. That’s one idea, but how else could you color this background? Winnie The Pooh coloring pages free printable Share AD We’ve had a few pictures featuring our favorite bear, and in this Winnie The Pooh coloring sheet we have him hanging out with his best friend Piglet! Winnie and Piglet seem to be admiring something, and it could be fun to draw in something that they’re looking at. I would draw in a big colorful flower, but what would you add to this picture? This picture will be nice and colorful with the yellow and red of Winnie’s look contrasted with pink for Piglet, so what will you use to color in these two friends? disney winnie the pooh colouring pages free printable Share AD It’s always a good day for Winnie when honey is in the picture, so he’s having a great day in this Winnie The Pooh printable! I think that using a nice bright medium like colored pens, pencils or paints would be great to make the honey look bright and tasty! How will you color in this scene of Winnie The Pooh with his favorite food? winnie the pooh and honey coloring pages free printable Share AD Winnie is taking a moment to sit back, relax and daydream in this peaceful Winnie The Pooh coloring page. He seems to be thinking quite deeply about something! Maybe you could draw in a speech bubble above his head with a picture of what he could be thinking about. The obvious choice would be another jar of delicious honey, so you could go for that! If not honey, what else do you think Pooh could be daydreaming about? cartoon winnie the pooh coloring pages free download Share AD It’s time for more football action in this next Winnie The Pooh coloring sheet! What colors do you think you’ll use for this sporty image? If I were coloring this in, I think that I would use a nice warm red for the background to highlight the intensity of the scene. Do you think you might use a similar color or did you have another one in mind? We can’t wait to see what you end up using to color in this fun image! winnie the pooh coloring images for adults Share AD We have another really cute Winnie the Pooh coloring printable for you to enjoy. The style that Winnie is drawn in here makes him look like he’s still a baby, and it shows that he enjoyed honey even as a young bear! He is sitting on some grass, and that would be perfect for some lovely shades of green. Then, you could use some lovely blues for the sky behind him to create a lovely day. Will you do that or maybe draw some background details to finish off the scene being shown off here? Winnie The Pooh coloring pages free printable Share AD One wrong move and Winnie the Pooh could be in a rather sticky situation! He is carrying a huge pot of honey above his head, and while this is quite a prize for him, he probably wouldn’t want to have it fall on him.

There are a handful of fictional characters who have endured the test of time and continue to bring happiness to fans through the decades.

Many characters disappear however, some are likely to be icons for a number of decades, and Winnie The Pooh is one of the greatest instances of this.

The adorable clumsy bear has been a source of joy for readers old and young for generations and is sure to continue be for the next generation!

These no-cost Winnie The Pooh coloring pages for children can be a fun way to have fun with everyone’s favorite yellow bear!

There’s a wide range of backgrounds and settings in these pages, so you can truly experiment with different colors and media.

Once you’ve colored your most loved Winnie The Pooh print ables, we hope you’ll post your vibrant artwork on the Facebook group! We’re excited to see what adventures you’ve had with Winnie Pooh. Pooh.

30 Brand New Winnie The Pooh Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

The Winnie The Pooh coloring page illustrates the cute bear enjoying his time in bliss while he sips a cup of honey he loves.

He’s lying on the ground in a quiet field and there are puffy clouds.

This makes for a cheerful and serene scene. should we decide to color it in, we’d probably choose to use watercolor paints, or even colored pencils.

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We think these media are ideal for peaceful and serene settings However, what other possibilities can you think of to create this fun photo?

Butterflies are renowned for their vibrant colors and beauty, which is why they’re an ideal addition to the coloring pages of any kind. We’ve included one to this cute image that features Winnie the Pooh!

He’s enjoying some honey and then a cute butterfly to appear on his nose. It’s an experience so unique that it takes him from his honey for a brief moment.

This butterfly is also an element that you could use to add bright and vivid colors to create an amazing focal point for the image. Which are the colors can be used to create the butterfly?

This is the first of our collection of free Winnie The Pooh coloring pages for children, we’ve got Winnie enjoying his favorite food from all over the world honey!

Winnie is willing to do almost everything for honey, which is why he’s so content in this photo.

I’m thinking that using heavy yellow acrylic paint to depict the honey drips from the pot could give a nice touch of depth to this sweet photo.

Winnie definitely prefers to take his time most times, however we’ve put him doing something more active for this enjoyable Winnie the Pooh coloring worksheet.

He’s holding a ball that is set to throw at someone else, and I’m curious about what of his numerous friends is he playing with?

The basketball’s coloring with a lovely bright orange will look great against bright yellow to match Winnie The Pooh.

Winnie the Pooh has been illustrated in various styles throughout his various media appearances, and this page showcases the character in a simpler way.

It could be referring to the original illustrations were drawn by him when he first appeared in books.

This is yet another page that we suggest using watercolors for. This is the ideal medium to recreate the style and color of the earlier Winnie the Pooh books.

Do you think that you’ll attempt to recreate that look or choose something brighter and vibrant to create an updated style?

We hope you’re up to relax and color by the next page of our collection of no-cost Winnie the Pooh coloring pages for children.

He’s taking a nap in this picture and it’s such an adorable little scene. The most appealing thing is that there’s an air bubble over the head of the child, and you can draw whatever you think the little boy is dreaming about.

There are so many exciting ideas to apply to his dream! Perhaps he’s thinking of the size of a huge honey pot or a celebration with all his buddies. What other ideas do you’ve come up with?

It’s time to have a coloring tea time featuring Winnie in this adorable Winnie The Pooh coloring book. Winnie is taking a deep breath of the yummy tea he’s about to drink!

I believe it would be really beautiful to choose your preferred color for the teacup and teapot which is holding. What color would you choose for these items to complete this image?

This delightful Winnie The Pooh coloring page shows him drying off with towels. For this particular one it would be great to color the towel using a colorful art medium, such as markers or colored pens.

You can use these media to create Winnie himself, as well as to create vibrant contrasts in color!

We have a cute image that you can color in this adorable Winnie The Pooh printable! Winnie is snuggling an adorable teddy bear and looks extremely happy and happy!

I believe that this picture could look great with warmer hues to match the warm, cheerful mood of the picture.

I’d recommend using a beautiful deep purple background to truly enhance the romantic and sweet feel of the picture.

How can you spread the love with this beautiful coloring page?

It’s time to have some active play in this latest Winnie The Pooh coloring page! Winnie is enjoying another outdoor adventure as he prepares to play football with some one.

I’m thinking about who he could play with?

Perhaps you can sketch your face on the person you imagine he’s throwing his ball towards on one corner!

It’s a wonderful opportunity to showcase to us who you think it might be. I’d be interested to hear what others think!

The next thing we will do is present an imaginative and fun scene to watch. Winnie appears to be lost in his thoughts and is lying on a puffy cloud here.

Since this is just his imagination, we can safely think that honey could be the main ingredient in this scenario.

There’s a an area above his head, therefore you can draw a bubble to demonstrate why he is so content that he’s floating in the clouds.

What are the things that might be causing him to feel like this? We’re eager to hear the ideas you come up with!

Winnie is ready for a close-up on the next page that we’ve prepared for you. We get a great view of the specifics of his face and you can add some fantastic colour details.

The background is rather ethereal, and is very stylized to it. The background can be colored in many different ways!

If you want to make this a fantasy scenario for Winnie You could make use of golden yellow to look as if Winnie is diving into an ocean of honey.

It’s one thing however, how else can you make this background more vibrant?

We’ve seen a few photos of our bears that we love and now on the following Winnie The Pooh coloring sheet we’ve got the bear hanging out with his favorite friend Piglet!

Winnie and Piglet appear to be looking at something. It might look fun to sketch what they’re watching. I’d like to draw an enormous flower that is vibrant What could you do to improve the picture?

This photo will be beautiful and lively with the bright red and yellow of Winnie’s appearance contrasted by pink for Piglet What color scheme do you think of coloring in these two characters?

It’s always a wonderful morning to Winnie when honey is featured in the photo and he’s enjoying an amazing day with the present Winnie The Pooh print!

I believe that using a bright and beautiful medium such as colored pens paints or pencils is ideal to make the honey look fresh and delicious! How do you color this image from Winnie The Pooh with his most loved food?

Winnie has taken a break to relax, sit back and dream in this tranquil Winnie The Pooh Coloring page.

He appears to be thinking deeply about something! Perhaps you can draw an image of a speech bubble over his head, and then draw a picture of what he might think about.

The most obvious option would be another jar of honey that is delicious and you could opt for it! If there’s no honey, then what is it that you believe Pooh is daydreaming about?

It’s time to get ready for more football action on this Winnie The Pooh coloring sheet! What hues do you think you’ll choose to create this image of sport?

If this were a scene I was coloring the future, I would choose a warm red as the background to emphasize the dramatic nature in the image. Are you thinking you could apply a similar hue or do you have a different one in your mind?

We’re eager for you to show us what color scheme and techniques you come up coloring in this adorable image!

We have another super cute Winnie the Pooh coloring printable to download for your enjoyment.

The way Winnie draws in looks like he’s still a child and it illustrates that he was a honey lover even when he was a bear!

He’s on grass, which is the perfect spot to create gorgeous hues of green. You could also utilize some beautiful blues to the sky behind him, to create a gorgeous day.

Are you going to do this or you could create some background elements to complete the scene that is being displayed here?

A wrong move or Winnie Pooh could be in trouble. Pooh could end up in a sticky spot!

He’s carrying a massive pot of honey over his head. While this is a huge incentive his way, the man would not want it to drop upon him.

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