Wine Cork Crafts

Like vino? Do you have a lot of wine corks? These wine cork craft mission thoughts are magnificent methods to use these wine corks you have been saving. Whether you figure out to preserve these wine cork tasks for your self or provide them to a pal with a bottle of wine as a gift, there is some thing for anyone on this great listing of wine cork crafts!

I drink a honest quantity of crimson wine. Over the years, I have collected pretty a series of wine corks whilst constantly assuming that “someday” I will make some thing with them.

I have countless ornamental bowls (pictured) the place I preserve my wine corks. A 12 months ago, I gave my niece numerous gallon-sized zippered plastic luggage stuffed full of my wine corks. Annnnnd I nevertheless have quite a few greater gallon-sized luggage leftover!

What crafts can you make with wine corks?

You can make a lot of one of a kind craft initiatives from wine cork wreaths to wine cork coasters to wine cork wall artwork projects!

When it comes to our favored DIY projects, wine cork crafts rank way up there for us.

Picture it: it’s the stop of the day. Maybe it’s been simply demanding or perhaps it’s been a genuinely right day. Either way, you can’t wait to wreck into that bottle of wine calling to you from the refrigerator. When the wonderful second eventually arrives, you pour your glass.

But have you ever stopped and seemed at the wine cork sitting there on the counter (or in your hand) and realized that this reputedly insignificant object has tremendous potential?

Easy & Creative Wine Cork Crafts

From artsy to practical, we’ve gathered some great wine cork crafts. I love the colours in the wine cork bulletin board, it certainly may be my personal favorite. It can also take me a bit to gather adequate corks, though.

But if you already have a complete jar full of corks and you have no concept what to do with them, take a seem at these 21 DIY thoughts and make your subsequent dinner celebration or birthday present as unforgettable and special as you!

Wine Cork Coasters for your Wine Glasses

Wine Cork Crafts

Make some wine cork coasters to take a seat your wine glasses on. It’s simply the proper factor to do! This format is each inventive and functional. Your friends will rave about these at your subsequent dinner birthday celebration and surprise at how innovative you are! For this cork drink coaster craft you will need: wine corks, field cutter, sand paper and seize your warm glue gun!

Couple these with the DIY wine charms notion coming up, and you received your self a prevailing formula.

A Chalkboard and Wine Cork Place Cards for your next big event!

Wine Cork Crafts

Make some chalkboard and wine cork area cards. You can reuse them once more and once more when web hosting dinners! Wine enthusiasts will absolutely admire you questioning of them when you exhibit off their names on corks from wines from all round the world!

You can purchase the tiny chalkboards at any craft store, and you can stand them up with easy wood sticks, dowels or even popsicle sticks.

Make a Wine Cork Tray and impress your fancy dinner party guests

Wine Cork Crafts

Make a wine cork tray to use at events and get-togethers, and be the discuss of the town. Your pals will be asking you for greater DIY thoughts to carry their love for wine into their each day lives, and then you can dazzle them with all your DIY wine cork craft knowledge!

Remember that you can reduce the corks in any shape, so they don’t have to healthy into the tray precisely right. The fine device for the job would be a hacksaw, however if you have a sharp serrated knife, you will be all set! Be cautious and exercise protection measures!

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