Willow Tree Drawing Step by Step Tutorial

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

How To Draw Balto Step by Step

Step 1

Start at the bottom, then work your way upwards. Begin by drawing some lines. You will see that willow trees can grow huge roots on the ground. First, draw a line for the roots. Then draw two lines for the trunks and limbs.

Step 2

Begin by drawing the instructions in step 1. Next, sketch the thick roots. Finally, draw the trunk.

Step 3

Instead of drawing individual branches I chose to make the limbs look like soft hairs. Draw the four limb parts as shown here. Make sure you draw them as if crying.

Step 4

Keep sketching the willow in the same way you did here. Make sure to add more detail and make it thicker, longer, and larger.

Step 5

Keep drawing layers until you are satisfied. This willow will begin to look like a layered wedding cakes.

Step 6

The limb layers get smaller as you go up the tree. You need to draw the limbs and hair as a leaf. At the same time, you must outline the details and define texture. Step seven is when your tree looks exactly like the one shown here.

Step 7

You have now reached the final step of drawing. You now need to outline the top layer, then detail the willow to make it look stunning. This plant is great for landscaping or ornamental purposes. You can remove any obvious rules or shapes.

Step 8

This is how your tree will look when it’s done. You can now color it, and you can use the information you have just learned to decorate your next landscape.

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