What to draw Migo from Smallfoot

What to draw Migo from Smallfoot

Step one:

We start as we usually do, using some basic guidelines and shapes that create a frame that is suitable to fit Migo as well as our Yeti.

Step two:

With the head guide you sketched in the first step and you’ll be able to determine the shape and the structure of Migo’s hair as you can see. Make sure that the lining has a sharp edge for the fluff , or his hair.

Step three:

The next step is to put on horns, and finally MIgo’s teeth, eyes and mouth. MIgo is a very friendly Yeti and always smiles. Be patient and make sure you have his face drawn the right way.

Step four:

Let’s start with the body, sketching out the shoulders, as well as the long, hairy arms. The entire body of Migo is hair in a clump, so make sure you convey this with the line you draw when sketching the body of Migo.

Step five:

Draw a layer of hair thick enough to make the chest. Then draw with Migo’s human-like hands, but in a massive or massive shape. Join the nails on each finger, and then move on to the next step of drawing.

Step six:

Hey guys, you’re nearly finished. Draw in the legs as shown here. When you draw this, ensure that the legs are long and taper out towards the bottom. Almost like bell bottom pants.

Step seven:

Then you can take one step at an time. Therefore, start by putting your foot on the correct one. Yeti’s have enormous feet and hands therefore make sure your toes are large enough, as is the structure of your feet as well.

Step eight:

Perform the exact same procedure similar to what you did with your right foot here on the left. Create a new foot, completing his body and then erase any mistakes, as well as the guide.

Step nine:

Here’s your line art once you’re finished. Then you can enjoy making Migo the Yeti. I hope you enjoyed this lesson about Migo of Smallfoot.

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