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What should i draw

what should i draw

 There’s never been a better time to increase your drawing skills than now! But, drawing is much different than the sketching you did on your high school notebook. The art of drawing can be a cartoon, still life, animals, shapes, or subjects like a person in the nude. Don’t complicate things! If you want to figure out what to draw, focus on realistic ideas to draw or challenge your imagination.

How would you rate your drawing skills? Do you have a sketchbook of drawings that you have been working on for years? Even if you aren’t an artist, drawing is simple and fun when you have an idea of what you might want to draw. Often, amateur artists will try to draw something that is difficult and complicated and might end up giving up too quickly.

House drawing

Cool things to draw

Drawing a butterfly

Skeleton drawing

Pineapple drawing

Easy Christmas drawings

Octopus drawing

Draw a bumblebee

To avoid that, let’s think of something easier to draw that you can always do. Take this quiz to find drawing ideas you might enjoy drawing today.

What Should I Draw?

When a person wants easy drawing ideas, they may look around for inspiration in some strange places. You can find something to draw in your house, by meditating and thinking something up, or by imitating a favorite artist. Often, people who love drawing tend to get bored and are really in need of some ideas that might be new to them and challenge their drawing skills.

When trying to figure out what to draw, a person needs to think of anything that they can sketch and then give it a shot. It can be a cartoon drawing, a still life drawing of a pair of shoes, animals, flowers, or even trees. It does not matter what it is you draw, as long as the idea is perfect for you and allows you a chance to be yourself. With the right type of creative expression, an artist can develop a really cool drawing.

Sometimes our head feels a little empty. We want to draw something, but we can’t come up with anything that would rekindle our creative spirit. Nothing seems worthy to be drawn on that blank piece of paper.

But don’t worry any longer; we’re here to help you out! If you really struggle with coming up with an idea to draw, just take this quiz and answer each question. You’ll see, it will be very inspiring for you! If you’re not satisfied with your result, just retake the quiz!

What should I draw generator

You can tackle this quiz however you want. Whatever your result may be, you can decide whether to photo-realistically copy that image, try to draw something similar in your very own style, or just use it as inspiration! It’s up to you!

If you want random results, just answer the following questions randomly!

Drawing ideas

Coming up with something to draw can be tricky at times. During this quiz, you’ll see a lot of great images, drawings, and paintings, which will definitely rekindle your creativity!

Things to draw

If you still struggle coming up with something, even after taking this quiz more than once, here are some great tips on things you could draw:

  • Look through the photos you took with your phone and redraw your favorite one
  • Take your favorite media franchise and create a new character or fan art for it (like a new Pokémon, for example)
  • Look around you and take an everyday object and try to draw it in less than a minute
  • Practice hands, feet, faces, or whatever you struggle with; practice is key!
  • Just doodle around. Start with random lines and watch where they may guide you to

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