What Draws Max in the style of the Grinch

What Draws Max in the style of the Grinch

Step one:

Create three circles to form an outline of your frame. It is also necessary to draw face guidelines as well.

Step two:

Begin to sketch out the form of Max’s head, which appears a bit like an UFO.

Step three:

Then, draw Max’s facial features, starting by drawing the eyes. Max is a beautiful girl with eyes. appear very feminine. Draw out the outline that each eyes has, and then draw the forehead wrinkles. Finally, create the smile that is a smoky grin that moves from ear. Then, add the nose and crinkles around the nose. Then draw an elongated chin and neck definition. Do not forget the lashes.

Step four:

The only thing you need to draw is the ears that are droopy or floppy. After that, it is possible to draw the big antlers on the head that is tied with a short string.

Step five:

Continue working on your body by drawing in the back legs of the chest, and feet. Note how the feet appear more like a pair of pajamas.

Step six:

Finally, draw the thighs, as well as the back feet. When drawing the thighs, ensure you have hair to the lining of the thigh.

Step six:

Once you’ve removed all your mistakes, you’re finished.

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