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What Draw Duncan From Total DramaRama

What Draw Duncan From Total DramaRama

What Draw Duncan From Total DramaRama

Step 1:

First, we’ll have the guidelines and the forms drawn so we can sketch Duncan in Total DramaRama. A head shape that is a circle and a different shape to draw the body.

Step 2:

Utilizing the head guide, draw the actual face shape the face. You can also include the ear shape as well. After that, you can sketch Duncan’s haircut well. It’s kind of spiked at the front and a regular cut back.

Step 3:

Utilize the guidelines for drawing facial features to draw the face. Start with the eyes that are extremely expressive. Then, draw and color the eyebrows. The final step is by drawing the mouth and nose.

Step 4:

Let’s get started by drawing Duncan’s physique. Begin by drawing the choke collar, and then sketch out the refined design that the sleeves and body have. Draw the hands and arms that are fisted and sitting on his hips.

Step 5:

Draw the simple skull-shaped round design in his shirt. There are whiskers on this skull.

Step 6:

Now we will trace our attention to the Tripp style pants that he is wearing, and then his feet. Include the cargo pockets on the pants , and finally zip patch. Remove the guides and mistakes.

Step 7:

Finally, you should draw the spikes of the collar of choke.

Step 8:

You’re completed. You can now color Duncan into Total DramaRama.

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