What color does blue and purple make when mixed?

Purple and blue are two vivid and captivating colors that are found in many aspects of art and design.

They might not technically be complimentary colours on their color wheel however they do go well together!

You might be wondering what hue purple and blue create when they are mixed. This is what we’ll explore in this article and anyone who has that question will be in the best spot!

What color does orange and purple make when mixed?

This guide will explain how to combine these colors along with the many combinations you can come on when mixing these colors together.

Prepare to discover what’s possible with these shades!

What is the best way to combine purple and blue?

So how do you mix purple and blue? This is the question we need to first consider before we look at some of the ways to mix these two colors.

In the wheel of color, purple and blue are close neighbors, and both are classified as cool colors. This means that a variety of these colors be great when used in combination or mixed.

In this article, we will discuss some of the colors that you can choose when mixing the two. If you’re reading this, you might still be wondering what shade of blue and purple will offer you when combined.

Since the colors are similar in shades, depending on the hues you can get a blueish-purple or a blue-purple. How you go about mixing them will depend on the medium you choose.

It’s good to practice mixing colors before you think over the color you mix. There are a myriad of media you could be mixing however, the process is almost identical.

In this article we will concentrate mostly on the paint mediums. However, even with this distinction, there may be some variations between the various mediums, including oil, watercolor or acrylics.

There’s a lot of trial and error required when you’re seeking to combine a certain hue for a photograph. We’ll be showing various examples to reduce some of the confusion.

Try to mix various colors of your paint and see what happens. Some artists prefer using various types of paint on one photograph to create a mixed media art piece.

This is a great idea however, when mixing paint colors , then you must stick with one medium. If you mix a blue oil paint color with purple acrylic paint, then you’re not likely to get any success!

The next step is to consider whether the shades of purple and blue make the best colors to pair in conjunction with each other.

Is blue and red a great combination?

In the preceding step that blue and violet are cool colors, which are neighbors in the color wheel. In the wheel of color blue is among three colors that are primary while purple is a secondary color.

Purple is produced through mixing red and blue and blue is the base color. These shades create the appearance of soft and pleasant when mixed together.

The majority of the shades ought to at a minimum appear decent when combined, but some of them can look stunning.

In the design world, you’ll generally see cool hues such as purple and blue are employed in situations designed to induce the feeling of calm.

Colors that are bright like red and yellow are attractive and striking, however, these colors can calm us.

If you’re creating an image with lots of purples and blues, then you’ll probably end up with an image that is pleasant to gaze at.

If you mix these colors together, the effect gets intensified. The shades you be able to get from mixing these colors can vary dramatically based on the shades you select.

We’ll show specific color codes you can apply to create color within the subsequent step. However, you can observe the result yourself if see a blue item and one that is purple in your home.

Combine them and we’ll bet they’ll work well! If you’ve got some paints that you can play with, you’ll be able to consider this too.

Explore a few different combinations of purple and blue placed close to one on a test surface. You can then observe how they work when mixed.

Experimenting with various combinations and seeing results is the ideal way to gain experience!

What kind of results can you expect?

You may be thinking what kind of results you can expect when mixing purple and blue. If you’ve experimented with these hues as we did in the previous step, you might be beginning to get an idea!

The most straightforward answer to what you can expect to see would be that it will be a bluish-purple , or blue-purple. Sometimes, these results can result in certain colors like violet or the lilac.

It is easy to anticipate the outcomes in the majority of cases. Let’s examine a few examples of how to accomplish this!

It is possible to look up the hex codes that we give you to understand what we’re talking about in a tangible manner! Let’s begin with a dark blue and a purple.

Based on these examples, it is safe to suppose that mixing two light shades together will create an extremely light shade. It is the same for dark shades.

What about a mix of two darks and one light? Let’s look at an example.
Use the hex code #00E5FF earlier to get the light blue color and #530881 to get a dark purple. This gives the extremely blueish-purple color of #4b7ac0.

The outcomes can be somewhat unpredictable when mixing light and dark and dark, which is why it’s important to practice and experiment with several different combinations.

In the next section of this guide, we’ll explain how you can modify the colors to make them lighter or darker , and will also show the ways to customize the colors.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the best ways to use blue and purple that you can make in your artwork, regardless of how they are utilized in conjunction.

The best uses of blue and purple mix

As we have mentioned in this article, blue and purple are both as cool colours on the wheel of color. Purple may have warm tones in it, however generally speaking, it’s considered to be cold.

Different colors certainly have their own meanings, and we’ve pointed out that these colors can create an euphoric effect, particularly when they are used in combination.

These colors will see more blue in nature, while purple is less frequent. This isn’t to say that it’s not seen in the natural world!

The purple hue is commonplace in flowers or bird feathers and even poisonous frogs.

Blue is a color that can be used to decorate the sky, the water and some animals, among many other applications. If you place the colors close to each other there are many applications for the colors!

They will result in the creation of a beautiful lilac purple. If you decide to make blue the dominant color , then you could utilize it to create an atmospheric blue sky or even reflections in the water.

It is also possible to use these colors to create other elements of design. For instance, if you require a soothing poster for the doctor’s office, purple and blue are great colors to choose.

It’s a color scheme that makes the user feel calm and relaxed and can help calm anxious thoughts.

If you’re styling furniture paint, walls or other furniture for a room , then purple and blue are also good choices.

As you can observe, it’s an extremely flexible color combination! When you’re making an artwork or creating decorating for your home, you’ll discover that it’s an excellent combination.

Naturally, if want to make something that is warmer and attracts the attention of others, then you are better off using warmer colors like yellow or red.

After we have figured out certain uses for these shades, it is time to explore ways you can mix dark and light shades of these shades.

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