Waterfall Drawing Step by Step Tutorial

You are able to follow the step-by-step drawing instructions below.

Step 1
Okay, let’s begin the first step by sketching out the bedrock to form at the very top of the waterfalls. This will be the top of the trees that are at the high point of the waterfall. You will then draw long straight lines along each side to create an outline of the waterline. Begin sketching out the outline of rock to mark the rock formations that make up the edges of this gorgeous waterfall-like water body.

Step 2
I’m sure you’ll have to ask “what kind of procedure is this”? It’s not. This step is supposed to be referred to as an drago technique. In this section, you’ll learn helpful tips for how slopes will be drawn out in subsequent steps. All you need to do is simply click the image and then read the content of the tip.

Step 3.
In the next step, you’ll begin sketching vertical lines within the waterfall. This will allow you to create an amazing sketch that appears real. Once you’re done, begin drawing the precise contours on one side. You can also draw creeks that appear like lines of rock. Repeat this process in the lower left.

Step 4
What are you doing so far? If you’ve made it this far, you’re doing well. What you need to do now is draw the other five vertical lines along the waterfall to create the illusion. Additionally, you’ll begin by drawing a precise outline of the rock and tree on the right and draw the outline of the line in the river or water beneath the waterfall.

Step 5
Did you realize what you’ve accomplished? You’re now in the final drawing stage. What you’ll need to do now is add sketches to outline the contour of the mountain rock as you can see in this. After that, you’ll draw three leaves in the middle of the mountain. Since there are no rules for erasing the sketch, all you have to do is tidy your sketch in the way you like.

Step 6
Here’s the finished work when you’re finished. The only thing you have to do now is to color the beautiful waterfall the way you want. I hope you’ve enjoyed this enjoyable drawing tutorial about drawing waterfalls step-by-step as much as I enjoyed drawing it.

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