Washimi from Aggressive Retsuko

Washimi from Aggressive Retsuko

Step 1:

Start by sketching some shapes and guides. You can also draw the facial guidelines.

Step 2:

Washimi is an eagle so her head needs to be feathery. Simply draw the shape of Washimi’s head, then draw the feather tuft that forms her neck.

Step 3:

Now, let’s draw Washimi’s face. Right now, it is only the wing-shaped eyes. These are just the beginning of their eyes.

Step 4:

The final step is to draw the eye shapes and then color them in solid. Next, you will add lashes to Washimi’s eyes and draw Washimi’s beak.

Step 5:

Begin by drawing Washimi’s body, starting with her torso. You should also draw in Washimi’s hourglass figure. The skirt should be capped at the ends of her clothes. Move to step 6.

Step 6:

Now, we will draw Washimi’s arms. These are the wings of an Eagle. Also, add the feather layers to the wings. Draw the V lines for your shoes.

Step 7:

Washimi can be finished by drawing the feathers behind her head. They are long and relaxed. You can also erase all guides and mistakes.

Step 8:

You are done! Color in Washimi with Aggressive Retsuko.

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