Velociraptor Drawing Step by Step || Dinosaur Drawing

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

Alright, let’s get started. Draw a small circular shape for the head, then draw a different shape for the body. Make a long neck Then draw guides for the legs, arms, and the tail.

Step 2
Start sketching the realistic shape and outline of the head muzzle and jaws that scream. Be sure to sketch within the space that the mouth tissue extends when the mouth opens.

Step 3
Now, you’ll begin to pull every sharp tooth inside the mouth of a raptor. Take note of how the top row is slightly leaning inwards Remember to draw them in this manner. Then draw the lower row of teeth, and then outline the eyeballs, tongues then draw the other clearly defined areas of the face. The faces of the face are so precise or defined that they have practically nothing but bones. You can draw eye lines, and at the top of the line of mouth.

Step 4
Begin by sketching the hump or dome for the front of the head as follows Then draw in the front and the back on the neck. Draw the first lining to form an arm and then continue to move.

Step 5
Draw the arms in the final sketch, and then draw the claws or hand of the predator. The front claws appear long and are shaped in the same way as those and you should draw the lining slightly uneven to create the look of the skin of the dinosaur. Then draw the stomach as well as the sexual organs.

Step 6
The drawing is almost complete. one of the most dangerous dinosaurs ever to walk the earth. Begin by drawing the legs in this manner beginning with the thighs and drawing the feet. Make sure to draw the claws that retract large enough to be retractable. employs to eliminate the prey.

Step 7
The final step is that is to draw a long , long tail that is moved back towards the head. After drawing the tail, you are able to draw all the skin-related details around the body like shoulders, necks legs, thighs and the tail. Remove lines and shapes to make the drawing more clean.

Step 8
That’s it The time has come for you to be done. Now , you are free to go and paint your dinosaurs from the past. I enjoyed myself today and I hope you do too. Thank you for your time and make sure you return to normal shortly.

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