Twilight Sparkle Drawing Step by Step -

Twilight Sparkle Drawing Step by Step

Twilight Sparkle Drawing Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

Step 1

A horse lesson will begin in the same manner. Draw a circle to represent the head, then draw an egg-shaped design for the body. Make sure to add a face guide and you’re completed.

Step 2

Her straight , stiff mane is quite different than what the rest of the ponies are wearing for style and it’s what is what makes her look stunning. Draw a bowl-like shape and straight cut. Draw your first ear and at the lower back.

Step 3

Draw the unicorn’s horn before drawing the outline of its face. The face is drawn in 3/4 view . This means you’ll also need draw your eyes to the left, however not in full. Make the nasal bridge and the muzzle. Next, draw the lining of the eyes to the original design of the eyes.

Step 4

The next thing to draw is the eyes’ shape and then draw the pupils. Add lashes on the upper and lower parts of her eyes. Then draw stripes on her horns and add some detail to the ears. Add her nose and her mouth.

Step 5

Draw the neck’s front before drawing the chest. It is also necessary for you to trace the pins that will be the initial of four.

Step 6

Draw the remainder of the rear portion of the pony’s body , and begin to draw those hind legs. Draw the front leg that remains and continue on to step seven.

Step 7

Draw the hind legs in the manner you can see them here, and then draw her perfectly straight tail that is resting high as an arch.

Step 8

Draw the mane as closer to neck. Next, draw strands or stripes along the tail and the mane. Then draw a six-pointed star as well as a few smaller stars towards the middle. Remove the lines and shapes you created in step one.

Step 9

This is how your brand’s next drawing will look. And be aware that this is your last ponies of the day. I hope that you enjoyed this video tutorial on drawing Twilight Sparkle.

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