Toy Story Coloring Pages

It’s hard to find a film franchise that is more loved as Toy Story! The series spans four films and has a myriad of spinoffs across different media forms and the fans both old and new love the characters.

This collection of no-cost Toy Story coloring pages for children is designed to celebrate these beloved characters!

With all the characters that are available there’s a good chance you’ll get to work with all your preferred colors and techniques while creating these.

We’d be interested to see how these pages come out Please post your completed pages via the Facebook as well as Pinterest pages!

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The Toy Story coloring sheet features the good old Mr. Potato head!

The character is well-known for his sarcastic personality and quick temper, however, although he’s occasionally somewhat of a jerk, but he is always there for his pals.

He’s comprised of many different components which can be moved around and manipulated, which is why you can be creative in the game!

You are at ease to choose any color that you feel would look good on Mr. Potato head. What do you plan to paint this unique and well-loved character?

We’re sure to see a variety of imaginative ways to interpret the theme!

Rex could be a dinosaur that is trying to appear frightening, but he’s way too kind-hearted to get there!

He’s a character who is incredibly loyal to his toys and is always kind. In addition to these qualities the character is also painted with a stunning collection of green hues.

There are spots on his face that are colored by darker greens. Therefore, you might want to use more precise mediums like colored pens to draw certain of these small specifics. Are you going to stick to the usual green hues on this particular page?

The first character that we’ll be featuring as part of this assortment of no-cost Toy Story coloring pages for children includes Lotso The bear!

The character initially appears to be friendly and charming, however, the character soon proves as more sinister than he initially was.

The character is vibrantly colored in purples and pinks If you keep to these colors, it could create a striking page!

Lenny is one of the characters who plays a minor role in Toy Story. Lenny is a character with a small role in Toy Story universe, but Lenny still has an impact!

The tiny pair of binoculars for walking is color-coordinated with orange and blue in films. plays a crucial role in the various adventures the toys are involved in.

Do you want to color him using the usual colors or will you opt for special colors for the adorable Lenny?

The next guest arrives in peace, because it’s one of those cute aliens that appear in the film!

The little guys are striking due to their green skin and blue suits. So if you decide to create them look like the characters in the movies , then you’ll get an eye-catching picture.

We’d suggest some color-coordinated markers, or even pens to make his colors stand out.

The aliens rarely appear in a single space, so you can draw some of his fellow comrades to his side for an additional enjoyable experience! They’re all the same which is why you could duplicate the look of this page.

The next page in our collection of no-cost Toy Story coloring pages for youngsters will see an appearance by Mr. Potato head.

We’ve mentioned in the past that he’s a funny, wise-mouthed and sarcastic character and this page captures it perfectly.

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