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Tissue Paper Crafts

I’m excited to speak these days about what I think about to be a notably underutilized craft supply: tissue paper. You know, the stuff you put in present luggage to make your bundle poofy? That stuff. It’s sheer and it comes in a ton of colors.

It’s super for wrapping presents, however it’s additionally noticeably tremendous in crafts. And so these days I convey you crafts with tissue paper for your viewing pleasure! These are exceptional thoughts for each adolescents and adults. Kids love to craft with tissue! But these initiatives are enjoyable for everyone. I promise.

The issue about tissue . . . it’s no longer always challenging to use, however it is fragile to a sure extent. Not so a good deal proper out of the package, however if you use it collectively with Mod Podge or every other liquid medium – it can tear. So I’m excited to share pointers with you nowadays as well.

In fact, right here are my preferred pointers for working with tissue paper that you have to be aware of earlier than get started:

Make positive scissors and punches are very sharp when used with tissue. If you desire to sharpen them, use aluminum foil and punch or reduce various instances (I define greater crafting guidelines like that here). Dull equipment will simply fold the paper.
If you prefer to punch skinny tissue, you’re going to prefer to punch countless sheets at once. Using one sheet isn’t adequate to get a easy cut, and the paper will simply fold. How many sheets relies upon on the punch so play with it a little.
Tissue begins to launch dye when it receives wet.

It takes a minute though. So if you use it with Mod Podge, you can brush over it, however don’t brush too much. The first time you observe it, brush it down simply ample to get it clean (you can use your fingers cautiously too).

Then let dry. If you maintain manipulating it at this point, it will tear and launch the dye and make a mess.
Small squares or portions are less difficult to work with than complete sheets (because wrinkles). Most of these initiatives contain smaller pieces, but there are some with large sheets too (particularly the birthday celebration stuff).

Are you geared up to dive into the projects? There’s a little bit of the whole thing beneath – tissue paper flowers, birthday party crafts, present ideas, domestic decor . . . and I’d say most of these are appropriate for children as well. Try one of the craft thoughts and then let me comprehend what you assume in the comments!


Tissue Paper Crafts

Tissue paper flowers are perfect for any event, from birthdays to weddings. They look really nice, especially when made into a bouquet or hanging from the ceiling. If you want some for your party, you can make them on your own! In fact, you can let your kids do (most of) the job with your supervision. How? This step by step tutorial breaks it all down!


Tissue Paper Crafts

Rainy days seem boring and endless, but it doesn’t have to be like that. You can use the time at home making some easy crafts with your kids. If you don’t know what you could work on, this tissue paper vase is a great idea! It’s very simple and really fun, so you can spend some quality family time


Tissue Paper Crafts

Those rose petal letters on Instagram and Pinterest are amazing… but, to have one at home, you have to spend a lot of money since they’re handmade. If you don’t want to pay a lot, you can make one on your own using tissue paper. This tutorial will show you exactly how to do it!


Tissue Paper Crafts

Cherry blossom’s are one of my favorite flowers! They are the messengers of spring and beautify every surrounding them. So how about welcoming spring with this cherry blossom craft? It’s an easy and kid-friendly project you can do at home with some simple supplies. Your kiddos will love it and you’ll have another fun project to put up on the fridge. I love this one!


Tissue Paper Crafts

Using tissue paper and a few other items, you can create these stylish butterflies. Hang them on the curtains or down from the ceiling and enjoy the view. They’re simple enough to make with the kids and they would be the perfect little decoration for their bedroom doors or the fridge!

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