Swordfish Drawing Step by Step Tutorial

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

Loki Drawing Step by Step Tutorial || Tom Hiddleston

Step 1

Since the swordfish is in an elongated body and a curved body, you can begin this process with only the lines and forms. Start by drawing an egg-shaped circle at its tip . Then, create a straight line along the bottom of its bill. Then , draw a long, curved lines for your body, and the crescent line to form the fin caudal. Draw another line around the body line. This is illustrated by the red line on left.

Step 2

How are you faring so far? Good job. Now you can begin drawing the guides for the fins and the body. Begin by drawing an elongated circle for the eyes , and then begin sketching the jawline. On the left side, draw a drawing for pectoral fins, and follow it with another line that starts from to the top to mark dorsal fin. Begin to add the belly with lining, and then begin to outline the shape and lining of the caudal Fin.

Step 3.

Congratulations! You reached the third step. Are you thrilled? I’m sure that I am. It is important to complete the top of the body with a lining and then you will add the anal fin that is located on the bottom of your body. Then you’ll add the lines and forms of the dorsal and finish the pectoral fin, as it is shown in red. Add more liners to the long sword-like bill, and then add details to the face around that mouthline.

Step 3.

It’s finally the point where you can finally say. I’m sure you’re happy Aren’t you? However, you’ll end this process by defining and defining the fins then adding an eye. Draw the rest of the bill, and draw lines to define the mouth of the swordfish. Remove all the concepts and shapes you sketched in the first step and proceed.

Step 4

This is your very own swordfish. All you need to do is color your sea creature. I hope you enjoy this step-by-step guide on drawing the swordfish. I’ll return soon, so keep an eye out.

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