Superhero Coloring Pages

These costumed heroes are bigger than ever, with a few new movies and shows about superheroes appearing almost every month.

It’s difficult not to wonder what it would feel like to be a superhero when you see these super-powered men and women leaping over buildings while wearing cool costumes to save them.

These coloring pages of superheroes for kids are a great way to help your child imagine being a superhero. They also make it easy to have hours of coloring fun.

These characters could be set in cool settings or superhero themes that you create as you color!

Elf on the Shelf Coloring Pages

You can also use paints to create cool effects that will make these heroes jump off the page.

After you have completed coloring your favorite superhero print ables, please send us your pictures to our Facebook page so that we can enjoy the fun with your hero friends!

Are you sure you’ll use the same classic colors as he? Or will you choose a different look that he has worn in one of his media appearances?

The X-Men is a group of mutant superheroes. Each member has a unique power that makes them stand out.

This page is dedicated to Cyclops. He is one of the most important members of the team. The hero can fire a powerful laser beam from his eyes. He wears a special helmet to control the laser.

You will find a variety of suits that he wore throughout his life.

One thing is constant is the fact that his mask glows in red due to the lasers shining through his eyes. You could also add some red to this detail.

The next superhero coloring page is for kids and shows a boy who is ready to do anything. What do you think his superpower might be?

You could also draw a super hero symbol on his chest if you feel extra creative. Now you only need to decide what the symbol could look like.

This superhero coloring sheet shows this super girl looking like a star.

Given all her stars, it seems safe to assume that her superhero name may be star-related.

You also have the opportunity to use lots of yellow stars as background. Perhaps you could make her outfit darker to complement the yellow coloring.

Next, we have the king and queen of Wakanda, the great Black Panther! This character was not as well-known until recent years, when he appeared in several blockbuster Marvel movies.

He was even the star of his own movie, and has been a hugely popular character all over the world.

His color scheme is dominated by blacks and grays. You could, however, use brighter colors as background to add contrast.

To complete this page, will you draw a background scene for him?

The next page of our collection of superhero coloring pages for children features the hero who started it all: Superman.

Superman, the first classic superhero character, was created in 1938.

Although he has had many redesigns, he has almost always used a red-and-blue color scheme to reflect his patriotic theme.

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