Superhero Coloring Pages -

Superhero Coloring Pages

Superhero Coloring Pages

In coloring this picture it is recommended to use colored markers and pens to let the colors shine But what color do you think you’ll be using to finish this project?


Danny Phantom is a rather uncommon hero who has supernatural abilities that we would want to possess!

The outfit and hairstyle of the character is an ombre of black and grey colour scheme that is a great costume for a superhero. Don’t forget to show his eyes a bright green to complete this image of this superhero!

Hulk Coloring Pages


The Powerpuff Girls are some of the most adorable characters, and this photo is their main character, Blossom.

Every Powerpuff Girl is unique in its colour scheme. Blossom’s color scheme is comprised of pinks and reds.

This is another instance where we could use vibrant mediums like colored markers or colored pencils to make this image appear more vibrant and stand out on the page.


Green Lantern is the next superhero we’re spotlighting, and you’ll likely guess his colors are!

The character is typically depicted in shades of black and green and makes for an attractively impressive hero.

Can you draw some background specifics to complete this sketch and reveal what type of setting he’s speeding through?


Everybody has their own version of the greatest super-hero, however this coloring page features the superhero that began the whole thing: Superman!

The first superhero to be popular and is the most famous of them all.

He is usually sporting an alternating blue and red color scheme , which makes him look patriotic and in this picture he’s flying through the sky.

Do you want to add some clouds or city details to finish the scene?


The Incredibles The Incredibles is an movie featuring a myriad of fantastic and bizarre heroes! The film also features one the main characters, the fantastic Elastigirl!

The mother figure balances her tasks with helping the world. She wears a stylish outfit of black and red and doing all of it.

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