Stupid Simple Method For Drawing Eyes

This is actually the easiest method to draw virtually everything…

There is a reason why eyes can be a bit difficult to draw. Sure, they’re easy. However, they’re not. If they were the eyes we sketched, they don’t appear as if they were almonds…

Oh, yeah, I’m just as in the same boat as everyone else. Check out these beautiful head sketches I created prior to knowing how to draw them properly.

There’s something wrong with these. Almonds for eyes? A bad style.

In this article, I’ll demonstrate the simple technique I’ve devised for drawing eyes. I will demonstrate this step-by-step through this workshop. 

First step: Let’s begin with a basic design for the eyebrow and eye. This is so basic that anyone could draw these. Seriously. I’ll bet you don’t scratch your head.

Take note that these shapes contain only four corners. This is because they’re the same as rectangles… 

The eyes are a parallelogram, and the eyebrow is oblong (but don’t let the fancy names for shapes intimidate you).

Make these shapes several times, and when you feel you’ve mastered the shapes, you can move on to step 2.

Step 2. Then we’ll incorporate an additional yet still simple design for the eyelashes.

This form can be difficult to draw, but If we examine it carefully, it’s quite a straightforward draw.

Eyelash “parallelogram” (aka Slanted Box) running across at the top of your eye. one running along the inner eye, and the third running down the lower.

We’ve actually got an eyelash with a four-sided design that runs along each edge of the opening to the eye.

The eye… well, it is pretty much the same, with one minor adjustment. Put an additional corner in the middle of the lower edge. lower it only a little.

That’s it. Eye shape modifications are completed. We can move on to step 3.

Third step: Create an eye and iris into the opening in the eye, along with a reflection of light to create a wet, shiny appearance.

Things to watch out for when drawing the pupil or the iris. Don’t draw them directly at the center of your eye, but instead draw them nearer to the top. This is because the upper eyelid partially covers the upper eye.

Then, add eyelashes with black and include a few more hairs for a more hair-like look!

The most difficult part is most likely the hair on the eyebrow. The strands may form a tight bundle and others will be scattered – but they all must be in line with the same direction as the eyebrow’s hair’s flow.

AVOID any lines that are equally spaced when drawing eyebrow furs! Hair should be textured and be a bit random to it so that it can be captured as an organic look.

Define the eye anatomy, including the lids of the eyes and socket using some contours and delicate rendering.

That’s it.

The procedure is easy, however, as with all things, try it out a few times until you are able to master the technique.

Draw Heads On Any Angle, From Your Imagination

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