Step by step drawing a girl

Step by step drawing a girl

Step 1:

Let’s start by drawing her face. She is lying down so let us look down at her face. Draw the shape of her ears and add her earrings. You can also add details to the ear.

Step 2:

Next, color in her eyebrows. Next, draw the shape of her nose and draw the lips. Color them in. You can also add character to her face with freckles.

Step 3:

You can now draw her hairstyle, the length of her necklace chain and the charm she has added.

Step 4:

Let’s begin by drawing the upper body, starting at her collar and moving on to the cleavage.

Step 5:

This is a fun step as we will draw the adorable kitten that is lying next to her. This is a bengal kitten and he doesn’t seem to know if he wants play or sleep.

Step 6:

Draw her arms, which are reaching upwards as she looks at her music device. You can draw in her hands and color some bracelets.

Step 7:

Draw the screen on her device. That’s it.

Step 8:

This is where you’ll draw her hair river. You will find long, flowing hair full of curls.

Step 9:

To add texture and detail to her hair, you can add details to the spilled hair.

Step 10:

Let’s draw the waistline and then the belt. Draw one leg higher than the other at her thighs. Add the crease lines to the hips, and the seam lines.

Step 11:

Finish the body by drawing your legs and feet.

Step 12:

You can now color her hair, her screen, her top, and her pants. A few flowers and light-marked blades of grass can be added. To correct mistakes, erase them.

Step 13:

This is it. You are done with drawing a girl step-by-step. I hope you had a lot of fun. I know I had fun. Do not forget to share, like, share, and like.

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