Star Wars Coloring Pages

He appeared at a ripe old age in first films, but in this one we see him in his youthful form as he was in the prequel films.

Are you able to make him appear like his movie counterparts or design a distinctive appearance for him?

The Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jin is the next character to color. This page will work well with the previous one since this character was a part of Obi-Wan Kenobi throughout his career!

How do you color this well-known character?

To add a touch of fun You could make a sketch or color light saber’s beam emanating from the holt he holds!

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The two previous characters were serious however, we now have a lighter-hearted character.

Jar Jar Binks a wacky and funny character who can sometimes make mistakes due to his lack of a sense of humor however he is able to be extremely brave and competent when needed.

Are you able to draw a few more of his body and neck or do you prefer to draw only his head?


Darth Maul is among the most frightening villains in the Star Wars universe, and his presence alone is enough to make you fearful!

We’ve got a closer look at the face of the actor and amazing features to paint.

The face of Darth Maul has the black and red colour scheme. You can look up images of Darth Maul to make sure the color scheme is perfect!


Previous Star Wars coloring sheet featured an evil character, but we now have a wise and a good character.

Yoda is certainly an famous characters ever made, and even those who have no knowledge regarding Star Wars could probably name Yoda.

We suggest using lighter shades made with watercolors or colored pencils to create the tranquil and wise appearance for this particular character.


Star Wars is full of fantastic and weird characters This one isn’t any different! This character has a distinct head and face and appears to have been inspired by the insect head.

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