Spider web drawing

Learn how to draw a spider web with an easy step by step tutorial. For some extra fun try, a white pen on black paper makes them really stand out.

Have you ever wondered why some spider web drawings look so much more real than others?

Well, it’s obvious that they follow a pattern, but I think the difference is when someone tries to draw them too well. As in, all perfectly straight lines with perfectly even spaces in between them. They just tend to look TOO geometric, and have none of the little irregularities that “real life” spider webs have.

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The three best tips to follow to draw your best spider web?

• Put away any rulers and draw these free hand. Wobbly lines will only make them look more real.

• Draw the rings that go around the center dot with a slight drape to them. It will make them look like they have some weight to them.

• Add just a bit more space between the rings as they go away from the center.

That’s it. Once students have that formula down, I recommend experimenting with all the cool markers around these days. Especially those that work well on black paper. Some of the more inexpensive metallic markers for kids work as well as those more expensive white pens.

It’s fun to mix up materials from time to time, if the budget allows. Drawing white lines on a dark black sheet of paper is a completely different experience than black on white. It kind of heightens the senses of what it’s like to draw a line. And increasing a level of awareness about drawing is always a good thing.

Spiders are creatures that have quite a sharply divided reputation among humans.

Many people are deeply afraid of them to the point that it’s a phobia, whereas some others think they are really cool and even keep them as pets.

Love them or hate them, you will inevitably share your home with one at some point, and there’s a surefire way to tell that a spider is your roommate: the spiderweb.

These beautifully intricate structures have also become a visual shorthand for creepiness in horror films and Halloween decorations.

Spider web drawing – step by step

Mark a dot on your paper, which will be the centre of your spider web. Then draw straight lines from the centre to the edges of the paper. These will be the base frame threads to build the web around.

If you want to draw just a simple spider web, draw about 8 lines. For a more realistic web, that will take more patience to draw, add more threads. Here we have 16 lines in total.

Pick one line, and start drawing a spiral. The spiral is made from small arcs that connect the straight frame threads – just jump from one to the next with a small curve, slowly widening out the spiral.

Again, depending on how perfect you want your spider web, draw either a tight spiral, if you are patient, or a large loose one for a much simpler and faster spider web drawing.

We want our spider web to look good, so here we are drawing a tight spiral with many layers.

While we are weaving out our web with small arcs, it is time to add some “broken” threads. Here and there, randomly skip a line, to make a hole in the perfect spiral pattern. Notice the two holes we have “missed”?

Here is our completed spider web drawing. We have added a small simple spider to the web – two ovals and eight legs. If you want to learn a few different ways to draw a spider, we have a step-by-step tutorial for that as well.

Spiders usually sit in the centre of the web, waiting for their prey. The vibration from the stretchy threads when a fly lands anywhere in the web notifies Mr Spider that dinner is ready to be served.

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