Solar System Drawing Step by Step tutorial

You could follow the step-by-step drawing instructions below.

Step 1

Begin this lesson on what to draw in the solar system, by sketching a flat shape, such as “W”. After that, you’ll be able to draw nine dashes.

Step 2

A vertical line that is the longest is known as the design that the sun takes. Draw a big circle for the sun. Then make two circles to represent Mercury as well as Venus.

Step 3.

You can now draw the remaining circles to represent the other planets Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and then Pluto.

Step 4

Then, draw circles around Saturn and then proceed to the next drawing step. Do you see how easy it is to how to sketch the Solar System?

Step 5

You are now beginning the process of shading the sun as well as the other planets, as you can see in this picture. To be able to see how the planets’ colors are shaded, focus on this step to view the shading more clearly. Although I’d strongly recommend clearing all principles and forms prior to shading our solar system.

Step 6

After you’ve learned about drawing the solar system” step by step” Your sketch will look like the image you see. I hope that you enjoyed yourself and gained some knowledge about the world. We’re alive. Join me next time to take part in another drawing lesson that is great.

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