Soccer Football Drawing Step by Step – 3D drawing tutorial

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How to Draw A male Torso Step by Step

Step 1

Begin by lining up the ball with a huge circle.

Step 2

Draw a second, smaller circle to the previous one. Note how close it is towards one end of the ball than another. This line is used as a reference for putting the plates of the ball.

Step 3

The first drawing should be drawn, and erase guides as needed. Create curved lines by drawing an arc along the face of the ball. Two points of the pentagon should be located along the guideline.

Step 4

Draw a second pentagon curved on the guideline. Be aware that there is a gap created between the initial and the second pentagons, which allows the space in between to be an additional plate.

Step 5

Draw a pentagon in the third position along the guideline, erasing as needed.

Step 6

Draw a second pentagon curved along the guide, and erase as needed.

Step 7

Draw the pentagon that will be drawn around the outside of the ball. You can erase the guide line, if needed.

Step 8

Utilize lines that are slightly curled for drawing a pentagon into the middle of the ball. Be aware that it is aligned to ensure that its points are facing the pentagons of five on the sides of the ball.

Step 9

Draw an outline from each point in the pentagon’s central point, to the edges of the forms on the sides. This will complete the outline of the other hexagonal panels.

Step 10

Then, you can darken and balance the light source for your 3D ball. You could perhaps use scissors to cut off a portion of the paper in order to create a more realistic image to fool the viewer.

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