Simple Anime Girl Drawing || Yui From Sword Art Online

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

Step 1

Create the form for the head, follow the shoulder lines. Then join the two forms by using the neck as well as the body to form the neck. and then include guides for the face.

Step 2

Draw a face like this, and then draw straight hair and some curly or loose hair in the opposite part of your face. As you can observe, her bangs sport split features that give what appears to be splits.

Step 3.

For facial tutorials, draw huge, full-length eyebrows, then put on makeup and smile adorable.

Step 4

Add length and length for her hair.. draw the shape that her neck is. Then draw the sweater’s collar. the collar must be large. The collar must be embellished with details, and then move on to the 5th step.

Step 5

Then, outline the hairstyle’s rest as well as the hair’s shape. Be sure to add specifics to the hairstyle. Make her shoulders appear more rounded, and then erase all mistakes.

Step 6

This is what Yui appears after you’ve finished. You can color her and that’s all you need. Congratulations everyone.

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