Shopkins Coloring Pages

Ever wonder what it would feel like if your objects and the products in the shop were alive?

Shopkins will give you an idea of how it would look if it happened in the cutest possible way, if you have.

Shopkins’ adorable characters can be taken on many different forms, sizes, and colors.

These colors are perfect for the Shopkins coloring pages for kids!

Roblox Coloring Pages

This versatile collection of cute characters can be made in all your favorite colors. You can also make lots of colorful Friends!

To really bring these Shopkins coloring pages to life, you could use any of your favorite art mediums.

We hope you enjoy coloring in Shopkins’ favorite coloring pages and share them with us on Facebook!

However, if your favorite lipstick color is not one of these, it’s a good idea to still try it! What colors do YOU think you’ll use to portray this Shopkins character in lipstick?

We hope you are ready for a sweet treat because the next Shopkins was inspired by a delicious milkshake!

This milkshake is bursting with details and you can add so many delicious toppings to it. You have so many options for color with these Shopkins, making it even more delicious.

You can display your favorite milkshake flavor by using the color of the glass.

Which flavor would this one be?

One of our favorite Drips is the first image in this series of Shopkins coloring pages. These watering cans with kitten designs can be available in red or yellow.

These colors are great for brightening up your look, but you can also choose to use them for a more modern style.

Shopkins has a mix of human characters called the Shoppies.

Rainbow Kate is the first of these characters that we have for you to color!

The cute Shoppie lives up to her name. Her look is full of gorgeous colors. This page will be one of our most popular!

This Shopkins coloring page features the sweet Jessicake. This character is a mix of pinks and blues, making it a great one to color!

It would be great to add color details with colored pens.

This Shopkins character has a cute twist. We have, on the one hand, a delicious cup of cocoa with small marshmallows and small candies.

We love that the cup looks like a cute kitten, but we also love its design!

This one would look even more cute if we colored it in with some beautiful pinks and blues.

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