Sexy Biker, How to Draw

Sexy Biker, How to Draw

Step one:

Ugg, we’re here. Begin with the basics and forms like the ones you see here. This is meant for the body of the girl and she’s in a posture that’s quite attractive.

Step two:

This time we’ll use the head guide, and start drawing out the outline of the girl’s face. Once you’ve finished, you can draw the cap or baseball cap she’s wearing. You will see that she is wearing it in reverse.

Step three:

Draw in the lid of the hat which is at the side of the head. then add the long wavy locks hair that frames her face and closes up the opening.

Step four:

Easy step here. Simply draw her big hoops earrings.

Step five:

You can now make a face. Begin with the eyebrows, then move drawing the contours of her lovely wide eyes. The lids should be well-defined and the lashes should be long. Then, draw the mouth and nose and then move on with the following step.

Step six:

Now the face and head are now complete. Now let’s get the body drawn in. Begin with her shoulders and the back. Take note of how her back curves into the back due to the pose she is executing. The butt is curving outward as she’s sticking her back out. Draw her leg from the hip to the ankle, and then draw inside the clothing that covers her body. Make sure to include the details throughout the process.

Step seven:

Draw the torso in the final stage in drawing her bust as well as the arms. When the hand is visible, it is holding the handle bar as you can see , her hand is covered with gloves. Sketch the detail and outline of her glove and shirt.

Step eight:

You’ll draw the top of the motorcycle she is sitting on , which is the seating, and also a part of the frame that is above or the body of the motorcycle. Follow the steps and remember to draw the opposite aspect of her back. The shorts are what she’s wearing.

Step nine:

We’ll be working to get the motorcycle’s engine as well as exhaust drawn into. Make sure you take your time to arrive with the right components to this bike.

Step ten:

Additional bike parts need to be dragged into. I’m not certain what the names of the components are, but I’m sure they are all an engine component that runs the bike. Include some shading inside the hollow parts on the motorcycle.

Step eleven:

It is just a matter of drawing the shock or back strut and the springs that run through the shaft.

Step twelve:

Draw the well of your backwheel, or hub, which is where the tire will be seated in. Also, add some details to the structure.

Step thirteen:

You can draw your foot, which will be covered with a converse sneaker. Then draw in some high-calf socks as well. Make sure you note the information on the shoes and socks.

Step fourteen:

Almost done folks. Now we will draw some more bike parts, and this time sketch the arms for the front that makes up the bicycle. The front wheel is connected to these arms . You are also required to draw the handlebars.

Step fifteen:

Draw the remainder of the frame for the bike which holds the front wheel. Then draw the wheel in a similar manner.

Step sixteen:

In the final step, all you need complete is to sketch the back and front tires. Then sketch the details to make the rims on which the tires sit on. Remove the mistakes and guides.

Step seventeen:

You’re finished. Go ahead and paint this gorgeous biker girl. Color your way through the rainbow of colors the possibilities are limitless.

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