Scissors Drawing Step by Step Tutorial

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

Step 1

Two blades make up Scissors. In this section, we will outline one of these. We will first outline the blade and outline the hole for your finger. This is how your drag drawing should look in its early stages.

Step 2

We now need to show the other half, which includes a blade as well as a hole for your finger. Remember that the lines for the first two steps in the pulling tutorial should not be too heavy. Now we will move on to the third step.

Step 3

This tutorial step is much harder than the others. The blades can be drawn using both dark and clear lines. Draw the edges of the screws and scissors that hold the blades together.

Step 4

Continue following the lines of your scissors and draw the outline for the handle. Next, draw the holes for your fingers. You can make them the same size as your fingers or they could be different.

Step 5

We are almost done with the drag lesson, but we need to make this more practical. We can add shadows to our scissors by hatching and creating glare with short strokes on the blades using paintbrushes.

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