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Santa Claus is a legendary figure who is believed to secretly visit houses on Christmas to leave gifts for the children. It is believed that he rides his sleigh driven by Christmas reindeers all around the world.

The extreme popularity of Santa Claus has stimulated a huge demand for a Santa Claus drawing tutorial. Now, you’ve asked for it, so we delivered.

The great thing about learning how to draw Santa Claus, is that pretty much every child already has an idea of what he looks like. They all know he has a white beard, bright red suit, and black belt and boots. Older and newer versions may vary a bit, but those features are almost always there.

Students that are just learning how to draw though, can really benefit from an example of how all those things go together. How does the beard overlap the suit? What about the hands? And how do you draw the white trim that is everywhere?

This Santa tutorial includes easy ways to draw all those features, and keeps them simple and symmetrical. It’s the best way for new artists to draw a complete body. Drawing a Santa that is walking or holding things can come later on, after this one is accomplished. Smaller steps that help students feel more confident in their abilities is always a good way to get started.

Quite similar to the last lesson, here I’ll show you how to create a simple ‘Santa head’, ideal for making your very own Christmas cards and decorations.

Now let’s get going drawing Santa’s head

Santa drawing Step by step

Begin your drawing by creating a simple circle on the paper in front of you. Unlike with other lessons – here we’re drawing only the head. So, feel free to use more of the paper.

Next, with your circle drawn… go ahead and draw a simple cross – dividing your framework into quadrants. This’ll make mapping out the facial components of your Santa head, all the more easy. One last thing here – and only if you like… draw two more horizontal lines – one to mark off the position where Santa’s hat will begin — the other to mark off the position of where his mustache will meet with the perimeter of your circle.

The face you see in the finished Santa head up top, is actually a bit of a ‘standard’ when it comes to Christmas-time art, crafts, decorations, etc. Take a look at all sorts of different ‘Christmasy’ things – place mats, ornaments, cards, wrapping paper – and you’re bound to see a similar setup to this one at some point.

In the steps below, I’ve outlined a simple way to go about the rest of your drawing.

As with the hat, you’ll notice that I’ve created sort of a ‘3D’ look by making the end look as though it’s being obstructed by the base. To do this, as you can see above in example two… start off with a simple curved line which outlines the portion of the hat – indented by Santa’s head – before it turns over, falls to the side… and is only partially seen in behind him. 

Some Santa drawing Pictures

Santa Drawing Videos

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