Salmon Drawing Step by Step Tutorial -

Salmon Drawing Step by Step Tutorial

Salmon Drawing Step by Step Tutorial

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.


Step 1

The salmon is likely to be the most simple fish to catch out of those I’ve sent to date. Begin with a small egg-shaped head, and then sketch a design that represents the body. Include curves for the tail and finally, for the mouth or nose.

Step 2

You will now sketch the mouth shape of the fish in the manner you can see it here. Take the time you need to the animal to appear accurate If you are able to sketch it out.

Step 3

Draw the outline of the details on the gills’ sides and then draw the rest of the body , including the fins.

Step 4

Now, you’ll draw a line around the dorsal fin along with the caudal and anal fins. After you’ve finished you are able to go on and create a detailed liner to highlight the fin’s texture. Create a definition line on the back of the body, as shown here.

Step 5

In the last drawing stage, all you need to draw is the tiny eye and then color the pupil. Then, draw the fins that remain and create a series of spots on the upper portion of the salmon’s body , as you can see. Eliminate the principles and shapes so there is no need to erase your drawing any more.

Step 6

What your final sketch will appear to be. You’ve done an excellent job in this lesson. It showed you the art of drawing a salmon step-by-step. Then color it, and that’s it. Congratulations to you guys and be sure to come back for another entertaining tutorial.

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