Sailor Moon Drawing with Color Pencils || How to draw a Anime Girl

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How to Draw a Birdhouse Step by Step

Step 1

Create a circle for the head. Follow the directions for the shoulders, face and the torso.

Step 2

Sketch out her facial form, then draw her top-muzzle hairstyle. Draw some hairs that are spaced and then in the center of her forehead draw two domed areas.

Step 3

With the facial guides that you sketched in the first step Draw eyes, eyeballs and eyeballs and draw some color on the pupils of some of her. Once you’re done, draw thick eyelashes or lashes, and then draw eyebrows, noses and mouth.

Step 4

The only thing you need to do is sketch her ears as they are and then color her face and jewellery. Make small sketches of the details on the center of her head, then move onto the fifth step.

Step 5

One of the most unique things in Sailor Moon’s style is that she braids her hair. Draw two straw-shaped ponytails then move the cakes in the direction on the top of her head. Add more, and then go along with the children.

Step 6

It’s time to begin making progress on her upper part of her body. Start by drawing the neck, then sketch her shoulders , and finally her collier folded. Make large bows, and the sleeves of the dress. Make her necklace, then continue.

Step 7

Make sure to draw the elbow pads, arms and a few additional details on the torso of her. She is a typical V form So keep this in your head when drawing the body of Sailor Moon.

Step 8

In the end draw her waistline and hips, and then draw a line about her waist. Draw the skirt, as and the definition or the design style of the dress. When you’re happy with your work you’re able to begin taking away the steps and clean.

Step 9

This is the moment you’re done the drawing Sailor Moon. You can use some of her favorite colors when you choose for coloring her. I’d love to see your final work when you’re finished.

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