Sad Girl Drawing Step by Step Tutorial

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing instructions that follow below.

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Step 1:

Begin by drawing a curving outer hairline using your imagination. Then draw an inner line to separate your forehead from the head. Draw one the ear, left and right eyebrows, eyes closed and mouth open using a single line to simplify. The girl’s head must be lowered slightly to rest her knees as you proceed.

Step 2:

Draw the girl’s arms that are overlapping that extend the legs of her. Beginning from the back of her head draw her hands and arms. When the hand and the arm appear apparent, draw two curving lines over one to the inside of the arm. Start a curve beginning at the end of one arm, then finish it on the second. Start another curve starting at the end of the first one and then finish with the female’s left hand. Then, you’re knees are in a covered position or behind your arms.

Step 3:

Then, draw the legs. Or, you can draw a curving line at the rear of the head. Make it an oval at the lower end. Draw it downwards until it reaches a point that is nearly as close to the foot and finish it near the top of the ankle or foot. Draw three lines one next to the and one parallel to the other, to finish the legs, and to represent the clothing.

Step 4:

Begin filling the head with dark lines to represent hair. Make sure to emphasize the details of her feet and hands by drawing lines that are in the shape of fingers. You can emphasize the features in the eyes with the drawing of tiny eyelashes and shading them with shades.

Step 5:

Then, first shade her pants before making small circles on her shirt.

Step 6:

In the final stage you can draw an area through drawing lines using your feet or with any straight object. In the end, you draw her shadow, and hug her, and hold her in the shadow. Drawing human characters requires focus on the finer details and an appreciation for how to draw simultaneously. If you can add regular practice and determination in your drawings, you will make you an artist quickly. It is also possible to look through our drawing tutorials to check out our YouTube channel to get some cool drawing concepts if you are in any questions. We offer a variety of drawing lessons for other characters as well as other objects, so you should definitely take a look too.

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