Romantic Couple Drawing Step by Step || Scenery Drawing

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows


The first step is that we must learn to draw romantic landscape couples. The first step is to must draw the foreheads of males and girls. Additionally, we’ll make the hair of both the girl and boy. Then, we need to create the shoulder of the boy. In addition as well as the shoulder of the girl. We will also shape the neck of both the boy and girl’s shoulder. Following that, we’ll make that back part of her. We will then draw the form of the arm of the boy as well as the form of his back. Then , we sketch on the material of the shirt, as well as the hips of the boy. Then , we will create the girl’s hips and the fabric. After that, we’ll create the legs of the boy. Also, we will make the legs of the girl. Then, we’ll make the flying motion of the girl through the air. We will then design the the girl’s foot. We will then build the girl’s standing.

Step 2:
In the next step we must complete the sketch for drawing some romantic landscapes. The next step is to draw the tree on our sketch. We will shape the trunk in two curves in order to form the trunk. We will then create the branch and the branch.

Step 3:
In the third step we will complete our sketch of how we will draw romantic landscapes. The next step is to draw the girl and boy using our black markers. Find out how to draw couples.

Step 4:
The fourth stage is to need to know to figure out how to draw a romantic couple. The next step is to make shading on the trunk. Therefore, we’ll apply black to the branches using an black marker. Also, you can paint black on the trunk and branches using markers.

Step 5:
Fifth step, we need to make shade for the tree. Then , we’ll design branches of this tree using heart-shaped leaves. Additionally, we will put small red spots on the branches’ leaves. Our sketch on how to draw a romantic couple landscapes looks gorgeous and cool.

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