RHINO Drawing Step by Step Tutorial

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

Trophy Drawing Step by Step Tutorial

Step 1

This is the part where we draw the head and body guidelines. Start with a big rectangle for body, and an oval to draw the head. Do not forget to add lines for your leggings. This is an essential element of the tutorial since it helps you to draw out your entire body in a breeze.

Step 2
We will now draw the massive horn and the snout underneath it. You can also add some front and rear legs. The rhinoceros’s bottom should be extending upwards from the back , and towards the middle of upper part of the oval. Draw your rhino’s cheeks. When you’ve done this, you’re now ready to move to your next stage!

Step 3
We will now draw more details on the face. Draw the eyes as well as the nose, horns, and the remaining ear. Be sure to outline the large hump which extends upwards from your neck. We will now begin drawing the folds of the neck’s skin. Include the remainder of the back leg as well.

Step 4
In this final step, we draw the folds of skin again. Draw the remainder of the foreleg from the opposite part of your front leg. Then finish the first foreleg by adding the remaining chest and elbows. Shade in the darkest area of the ear’s inner. Once you’ve finished all this, draw a cute small tail on your rhino’s back.

Step 5
This is how the product’s line-up will appear like once you’ve followed the steps previously. The rhino looks…sick and exhausted of being created! I hope you had a blast during this lesson! I needed to be sure that I had the correct rhino! I looked through a variety of photos to check what was included in this particular animal. Let me know if this step-bystep rhinoceros drawing instruction was useful to you! Have fun drawing!

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