Reap What You Sow Drawing Lesson

Reap What You Sow Drawing Lesson

Step one:

So, let’s begin. We’ll be drawing the lines and shapes of the two skeletons, which will be drawn in a mirror-image.

Step two:

We’ll draw the head to make the skeleton appear in the uppermost position first. This is a perspective view of the face and skull as you can see. The skull can be embellished with details like the cracks , and the color in the hollows of eyes and the nose. Also, you will need sketch the vertebrae of the neck, too.

Step three:

Next, draw the torso of the initial Skeleton, along with hands and arms. It is evident that, one arm is elevated while the other one is resting over the lower part of the torso, or ribcage. All fingers remain straight except for the thumb that is folded down. When the torso has been drawn in , you are able to proceed with the following step.

Step four:

We’ll repeat the exact process we used with the first Skeletal figure. There is only one difference: that the head is turned in the opposite direction.

Step five:

Now, we can apply shading to the whole drawing or both figures.

Step six:

This is where we sketch one of the first types of scythes. The blade is big and curved , while the handle is straight into the second Skeleton. There is also a drawing that looks like an ecliptic in the middle of both figures too.

Step seven:

Draw the handle and the other scythe Then color the handles.

Step eight:

Then, you can include shading and amazing, magical background. After you’re done, you can clean up the mistakes as well as any guidelines that you can see.

Step nine:

This is the finished lineart. completed. Now you can showcase the work you created adhering to this tutorial.

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