Realistic Elsa Drawing Step by Step with Pencil -

Realistic Elsa Drawing Step by Step with Pencil

Realistic Elsa Drawing Step by Step with Pencil

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

Begin the process as you normally do when you draw figures. Draw head and torso guides, and then draw the outline of the face, arm and neck guides.

Step 2

Utilizing the face guideline begin to outline the facial structure beginning at the forehead, cheeks jawline and chin.

Step 3

Make use of the facial guides to draw Elsa’s gorgeous eyes. As you can see , they are extremely sexy, and that’s my style.

Step 4

Then you can draw outlines of her nose, eyebrows and mouth. Take note of the beautiful way her eyebrows have been formed. The lips or mouth should be full.

Step 5

In this lesson, we’ll play around with sketching her hair. It is possible to begin this task by drawing the sides first. Then, sketch small hair sections that are combed back in a clump.

Step 6

Sketch out the form of her neck, and then draw long braids that sit on top of her shoulders. Make sure to add details to the hair and then go with step 7.

Step 7

The next step is drawing her arms and torso. Draw her arms stretched out in a mystical manner or in a pose. Draw the shapes of her breasts or breasts.

Step 8

Continue to work on the body by drawing her form. When you’re done you can draw the neckline for the dress. Add further details that relate to her body and clothes.

Step 9

All you need to do is draw the hand of Elsa. It’s difficult for some because hands are usually one of the most difficult concepts to draw. Try your best until you come up with something you like.

Step 10

Complete the dress with sheer fabric the skirt’s bottom. The dress would flow in the air as if she were performing some kind of magic. Eliminate all mistakes and directions after you’re completed.

Step 11

This is it. Color her once you’re finished. I hope that you have enjoyed this fascinating tutorial on drawing Elsa in cartoon form. Elsa.

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