Realistic Black Panther Drawing with Pencil

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

How to draw cute Eeyore from Winnie The Pooh

The first is the one that you choose. Choose your pencils. I prefer an H pencil to sketch and lines, a B pencil for lines and shading along with a 7B pencil to draw shadows.

Step 2
Begin with a basic sketch. Follow the steps if you have to.

Step 3
Your sketch could look something as follows after you’ve erased the lines that aren’t needed.

Step 4
Begin adding information to your drawing with identical pencil (for me, it’s the letters H). Begin by drawing the eyes.

Step 5
Draw a line around the forehead and ear hairs. Be attentive to the movement of feathers.

Step 6
Continue working towards the back of the head using your sketch.

Step 7
Finish the outline of your face.

Step 8
There is a rough shade of the coat of body.

Step 9
Use the pencil 7B to lightly sketch on the background.

Step 10
Smooth your shade using an unblended stump or cloth.

Step 11
Create shadows by shading using the pencil 7B, then blend it over your eye.

Step 12
Use the 7B and the B pencils. Apply a light pressure with the 7B pencil. Then, accent using the B pencil. Be aware of the flow of bristles as you shade. Shade around the top portion of the drawing using the pencil 7B.

Step 13
Shade in the top part with pencils 7B and B. Next, blend and shade on the second part of your head.

Step 14
Apply the shadow onto the nose, then blend and blend the remainder of your face. Take off some beards from your cheeks.

Step 15
Make your shade stand out around the mouth a bit more. There is no need to go into excessive details. Then , use the 7B pencil in order to color the lower part of your body.

Step 16
Now is the time to start clearing your shadows and detailing. Begin by smoothing your background further by adding layers using a pencil 7B, then smooth them out using the help of a blend stump or a paper towel. Then, you can begin cleaning the color of the leopard from the eyes to the upper part of the face.

Step 17
Begin by going to the head of the leopard. Start drawing the individual whiskers. Sketch them out with pencil B.

Step 18
Make use of a 7B pencil to brush the bristles until it is smooth. Use the pencil A to draw the same area. Make sure your lines match the flow of the feathers you first sketched.

Step 19
Make sure you’ve finished the drawing by looking at your shadows and other details. I was having difficulty scanning this drawing because of the glare from graphite. There is a certain amount of reflection that you experience is dependent on the kind of paper you’re using and the type of pencil you’re employing. Don’t be concerned when your drawing doesn’t appear similar from different angles. Like always, comments and questions are always appreciated!

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