Rainbow Lollipop Drawing Step by Step Tutorial

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

Peacock Drawing Step By Step Tutorial

Step 1

It’s very simple to draw. Begin with an outline of the size you’d like your lollipop. Once you’ve finished make an upwards-facing vertical line from the middle to the very end. After that, you’ll sketch the shape that the sticks will take.

Step 2

Because it’s an lollipop with swirls, begin the design of the swirl beginning from the center, and then upwards until you’re half way there.

Step 3

All you need be doing is trace bands onto the popup, then remove the lines as well as forms. As I mentioned, that this would be an easy tutorial!

Step 4

You can now colour your lollipop that you just drawn. You can also draw this for your sibling or friend to give as a gift for Easter.

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