Raccoon Drawing with Pencil Step by Step

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

Girl with mask Drawing with Pencil Step by Step

Step 1

In the first stage, you’ll sketch out the panda’s guide lines and forms. Begin with a head that is rounded which appears like it’s full. Sketch out some face tutorials. Then draw the form of the body like it appears in the illustration. It’s extremely simple to draw, it appears like a huge round ball. Draw out the guides that go with the panda’s body, like the ears and paws.

Step 2

What you’ll do is sketch the outline of the tail and toes. Draw marks for toes like illustrated and then sketch the outline of her tail. Draw out the scratch line for the form of his forelimbs in the manner illustrated. You can then make a nose shape that appears like a round.

Step 3.

As you can see, pandas will look this way after you’ve completed drawing the next step. Begin by drawing his face. draw an outline of his eyes first, before drawing his mouth. Once you have created that outline, adhere to the rough lines to create the mask for the face of the panda. Form the ears, and draw a sketch of some fluffy for them. Finally, you’ll need to form the outline of the body by drawing at the lower part of the buttocks, and that of the chest. The last thing you have to do is apply nail polish on the toes of your child.

Step 4

The time is almost up with this cute creature from the night. The eyes are shaded and the details of the face a little more, as illustrated. Detail the tail, and erase the guides and the shapes that you created in the first step. It’s almost done. Move on towards the drawing stage and you’ll be able to see what’s coming next.

Step 5

This is how your panda will appear like after you’ve finished. The only thing left is to color it and make it appear like the stealer. This should be enough to make this a fun tutorial on drawing the panda.

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