Princess Mulan Drawing easy Step by Step -

Princess Mulan Drawing easy Step by Step

Princess Mulan Drawing easy Step by Step

Mulan, who joined Disney’s family in 1998, is probably well-known to you. She is a brave young woman who will risk her life in order to save her father’s. China is her destiny. She has her friends along with her on this adventure. Because she cares about her friends, supports them and helps them, she is a loyal friend. Mulan’s story is based upon a true story. Today, I’ll show you how to draw Magnolia. You will learn the steps that make drawing easy. I have simplified the steps of drawing. The drawing is easy enough for anyone, novice or professional. It is clear that Disney Princess drawings are a popular choice for children. Mulan is strong, brave and courageous. It was fun to watch this beautiful princess onscreen, and drawing her will make it even more enjoyable.

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If you are able to live in your own world, this drawing is a good choice. You can make this drawing more artistic by using different colored pencils, but I use black pencil to keep it even. To improve fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, attention and confidence, children should be encouraged to draw. Drawing is the most enjoyable activity. This tutorial will help your children to improve their art skills and teach them how to draw Princess Mulan.

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

Step 1

To form an “U” shape, you must draw your face. It is the base of the face, so extend it upwards. You can use an eyeliner pencil for drawing eyes, lips and nose.

Step 2

Now, it’s time for the hair to be drawn. Mulan often wears a Chinese braid with some untied hair. Draw facial hair and side hair. Mulan is always smiling big, so make sure to draw it.

Step 3

Mulan is wearing an antique cape. It’s time for it to be painted. The gown should have bell-shaped sleeves, wide flares and a rectangular strap at its front. This is how you can make a Mulan-style cape.

Step 4

Now, draw the bottom camisole. It is possible to draw it using different rectangular straps from the previous step. It is important to draw it slowly.

Step 5

The last step is to color princess Mulan’s drawing. You can use any color you like, green, blue and red. This is the best thing about drawing Princess Mulan.

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