Princess Moana Drawing easy Step by Step

Moana is a strong and loving Disney princess. She takes care of all people and is a lover to every single person. This painting of Moana is a beautiful painting. Moana is ideal for those with a loving and caring heart. This painting is an ideal idea to gift to your beloved friend’s birthday. So do it immediately. Moana is one of the Disney princess who is known for her strong-willed seafarer. Moana is just 16 years old, and the sole daughter of a chief supreme. Much like our fellow humans, Moana also faced the most difficult decision that she has ever faced. The Disney princess is looking for her authentic self and identity. As most of the rest of us Moana struggled for her desires, her identity and her country of origin. However, the only thing that is different is that Moana is a princess. Moana does not ever self-deprecate.

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She always believed that the best days were coming. It is important to learn to be hopeful because God has more plans than we can imagine. Through this journey, Moana learned many things about herself. This is the reason I’m here with this drawing that is simple of the Princess Moana. Drawing Princess Moana you’ll be able to gain a lot of knowledge and will discover your inner self , who is aware of the power of imagination and creativity. I hope the drawing you make of Moana is a great resource to you. Many of you are familiar with the fundamentals of drawing. If you don’t, then I’m here to help. I’ll help you clear any questions and concerns regarding drawing.

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

Step 1

Moana has an oval face and therefore make a face that is square with eyelids that are monolid and a nose that is upturned. Moana is very and friendly. This is the reason she smiles so happy. Make use of a pencil with a 2B for this process, since it is lighter in tone.

Step 2

Moana is a black, long as well as curly hair. Let’s draw various curves for her hair. Hair is parted to one side. I pulled her hair around her face to hide her messy hair while she was at the beach. Moana is a very confident person that is evident through the expressions on her face.

Step 3

Moana wears an ao dai tapa and the shirt has a variety of designs on it. I made different circles, zig-zags and lines to give texture to the shirt. Draw a hand in the middle and the hand beneath Moana holds the wooden paddle. Draw a triangle with two vertical lines beneath it to draw the shape of a paddle.

Step 4

Moana wears the pearl necklace, and you can paint it by creating circles of various dimensions. Draw the lower part of Moana’s body. Moana wears a dress that is comprised of leaves. Moana is a charming character that makes her stand out from the rest of the Disney princesses. Now is the time to get an outline marker to create an ultimate appearance.

Step 5

The design of the Princess Moana is now ready. All you have to do is color it using your favorite colors. The only thing I did was use the real colors from the film. I’d suggest you color her using crayons and also, you could apply glitter to her necklace because it gives the appearance of glam and shine.

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