Princess Celestia Drawing Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

Step 1

You’ll draw Celestia from a side, which is two distinct designs from each other. Begin by creating the head shape before drawing the body.

Step 2

Instead of securing the body, be focusing on drawing the face before connecting it. Start by drawing out the huge teardrop-shaped eyes. Next, draw a bold and thick upper lash line using the lashes. Then, draw the initial line for her mane before drawing the form of her cheeks, jaw, and her muzzle, which is also her mouth.

Step 3

Draw her ear in the ears, and then draw the long narrow Unicorn Horn. Make horns with stripes and then draw eyeballs. Draw the nostrils and then outline the crown of her and some curly hair on her cheeks.

Step 4

Now, you’re going to have more fun as we’ll be tackling the actual long mane. Create a huge cloud-like design at the top. Draw the neck first, then the crown that she wears on her neck, and then the crown jewel or Tiara.

Step 5

I find it simpler to draw her gorgeous wings prior to sketching the body. Begin by drawing the wings, with the front wings as the entire body. Draw the feathers on her wings as shown to include some distinct features.

Step 6

We’ll begin building her body by drawing out her long legs and then turning away from the foot as you do and expanding the form of her legs while you move down. For this final step make the jewel appear on her crest, and then go on to step 7.

Step 7

Draw the rear of Celestia and then draw her hind legs, standing strongly, robust and strong. After the pins are drawn, you are able to go on to step 8.

Step 8

Now, you’re able to draw the very long tail. When you draw the tail, be sure to include that wavy line on both sides. Remove the lines and forms you sketched in the first step and you’re done.

Step 9

Once you have a clean drawing You can now mark your shoes and sunburns on your hips.

Step 10

This is the final line of artwork when you’re finished. Now, you can color her tail and mane more attractively by using the colors of a rainbow.

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