Princess Ariel Drawing Step by Step

Do they enjoy crafting and art? If yes, I’ve got an illustration of one of my favourite Disney princesses. You’re in the right place if are a fan of Disney princesses. I first heard of Ariel in high school. Then I saw her film and was awestruck by it. It was a great movie. theme song the mermaid the most beloved Disney film over the many years. There’s no question as to why kids are so excited by the Disney films that are so entertaining. I recommend drawing at an early age as it’s a healthy and beneficial activity. It can be beneficial to mental development, helping you develop the ability the art of writing and thinking in a imaginative manner.

Drawing and other activities outside of school can help to develop your brain. If you are a fan of drawing regularly it will improve your handeye coordination and focus, and conceptual thinking, and encourages an increase in critical thinking as well as problem-solving. Drawing also aids in improving memory. Drawing can help stimulate and improve our creativity and improve the amount of time we spend practicing. This is why drawing is recommended for children , and also schools offering drawing classes. The children are taught to draw at school , and not just to have fun and relieve stress but also to build their whole personality.

Girl wearing face mask with hat Drawing

Research suggests that the lessons you learn in the first few years of your life will benefit you through your entire life. But, one of the major benefits of drawing is the relief from stress. It is important to encourage children to draw to enhance their abilities and benefits from it. In honor of Disney’s Ariel I’ve created an easy step-by-step drawing tutorial.

The easy step-by-step drawing guide below.

Step 1

In the first step is drawing the face of Princess Ariel painted, since it will serve as the foundation for the rest of your body. It will also tell you the best place to draw the other body components. Draw lips, eyes and nose. Draw a slim, an elongated face, like princess Ariel.

Step 2

This is the most difficult part of drawing the princess Ariel. In this particular step you will draw her gorgeous, long and beautiful hair. Hair is among the main highlights therefore be attentive to all specifics.

Step 3

The third step is create the princess’s body Ariel in order to sketch. Ariel is slim in her figure which is why I created it in line with her personality. She’s sporting a jacket made of shells and creating horizontal lines to show the surface that the shell jacket.

Step 4

It’s an opportunity to draw the second part of the princess Ariel as she is Mermaid. Therefore, here you need draw the lower half of her body with less effort. You also have to draw the tail. A mermaid has two wings. Did you know that a tail of a mermaid is known as”fluke” “fluke”?

Step 5

It’s time to color your the princess Ariel drawing. You can color in any color you want. But I did use glitter and pencil colors for her. Like you see I chose sepia for her gorgeous length hair. I also used purple to create her high-slit top and shimmering navy to finish her hair.

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