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Polar Bear Drawing Step by Step Tutorial

Polar Bear Drawing Step by Step Tutorial

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

Hippo Drawing Step by Step Tutorial

Step 1

First, create a perfect circle for his head. Then, draw a half circle that is not perfect is the neck.

Step 2

Continue by drawing lines that will create the frame for the body. Take a look at the form of the lines above and take a copy.

Step 3

It is evident that it’s getting ready to take shape. The lining that you traced in the earlier step is the front leg, and a portion of the chest. What you should do now is draw the remainder of the bear’s paw , and begin drawing the back of the bear.

Step 4

Add a few small details to the fur. Then, shape the hind legs.

Step 5

We can now begin working with our face. Draw two ovals for pupils, an elongated muzzle to the nose, and a tiny line to represent the mouth. Add fingernails and the lower part of the shins.

Step 6

Draw the ears in the manner shown , and give details to the hind paws.

Step 7

At this moment the polar bear is developed and is the moment to begin erasing any unneeded lines in order to tidy up your drawing.

Step 8

Include a the ruffle on his coat, and ensure that you make the nails a little longer and more thick. When you’re done, your photo. You should be able to you like his style. Good job

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