Platypus Drawing Step by Step Tutorial

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

Mockingbird Drawing Step by Step Tutorial

Step 1

In this stage in this step, you’ll first is sketch out the steps. A small circle on the front to represent the head, followed by an outline of a line, followed by an even larger circle in the middle to represent the middle of your body and then another line and then a bigger circle for the posterior portion of the body. The final line that extends from the back.

Step 2

This is the point where the platypus is beginning to emerge. In the sketch for the front draw the bill’s outline and draw it backwards. The bill is an extended flat shape similar to the shape of a duck. Additionally, draw a small circular shape to serve as the eyes. Starting below the small circle draw a straight line through the belly of the platypus and then bend it towards the top. On the middle portion of the circle, draw an “U” for the arm.

Step 3.

In this phase you’ll outline the upper part of the platypus’s body. While drawing ensure that you give some form to the outline Don’t draw a perfect straight line with no waves. Continue to do this until you reach the tail’s end towards the back. When you’ve reached the tail, cut the square off of the shape of a beaver’s tail. Draw the active forefoot and forefoot frames before proceeding for the following step.

Step 4

The final step in which you create a sketch or drawing. You can define the bill by adding a few tiny details. Draw the line of the fabric across the foot frontally just like you were drawing the outline of a duck. Move to the back of your animal and draw the outline of the nails attached to the feet. After you’ve completed all of these steps erase the outline and scrub your piece of paper with an eraser.

Step 5

What you’ll be left with once you’re finished. It’s not an effortless sketch for the platypus and you’ve done it by yourself. Good job!

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