Pilgrim Pikachu, How to Draw

Pilgrim Pikachu, How to Draw

Step one:

Draw a circles to represent Pikachu’s head and body guides. Sketch in the guidelines for his face along with the tail, limbs, and limbs.

Step two:

Define the form of Pikachu’s face. Then draw the pilgrim’s cape.

Step three:

All you need to do is trace the band of your hat, and then buckle it. After that, then draw his face, starting with big, round eyes and the circles that he has drawn on his cheeks.

Step four:

Then, draw the ears long, then draw in the tips, and finally draw Pikachu’s arms and adorable hands.

Step five:

I sketched Pikachu sporting a musket, so do draw it in too. Pikachu is an avowed pilgrim. pilgrims use muskets in order to hunt down the turkey.

Step six:

Draw the outline of his body. Then draw the zigzag line on his back.

Step seven:

The final drawing step all you need to draw is his feet and legs, back followed by his tail with a light bolt shape. Remove any mistakes if you did make any, and you’re finished.

Step eight:

Here’s an illustration of the lines. Draw him with color and create the cute background. I hope you enjoyed this drawing lesson that shows the pilgrim model of Pikachu.

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