Pikachu Coloring Pages

Everyone who loves Pokemon knows the name Pikachu. Since the inception of the franchise, this adorable Electric-type Pokemon is a familiar face.

Pikachu is still here, despite many changes in the Pokemon series and video game.

He is Ash Ketchum’s first Pokemon and is considered the franchise’s mascot.

With the recent release of the live-action movie Detective Pikachu, Pikachu has been even more popular. This adorable Pokemon is irresistible.

Our readers are in great demand for Pikachu coloring sheets that they can print for free.

Finally, here are 30 fun and new printable Pikachu coloring sheets that you can download to print for free. Enjoy!

My Little Pony Coloring Pages

Pikachu is one the most adorable Pokemon. His short, chubby body is complemented by black-tipped ears that are shaped like lightning bolts and a tail that’s lightning bolt-shaped.

Pikachu also has red cheeks that store electricity to his attacks.

This coloring page for Pikachu features Pikachu as an adorable character.

In this photo, he is wearing a cap that is a little too large for him. It’s possible that this cap could be the one worn by Ash, Pikachu’s trainer in anime.

You can make it more Ash-like by using alternating white and red for the sections.

Are you going to make it look like Ash? Or will you choose a different design?

This Pokemon is well-known for being very excitable. It will often repeat its name or variations.

This seems to be the case here. Pikachu exclaims something, while also looking happy and excited.

You could add a large speech bubble to the top of Pikachu’s head and let him shout his name.

What other ideas could you think of that would complete this picture?

You have many creative and fun ways to personalize this photo. We would love to see your ideas.

Ash is Pikachu’s best friend. This coloring sheet for Pikachu might be his way of calling Ash.

He seems to be trying his best to grab attention with his short arms. Did you know that Pikachu is Ash’s first Pokemon?

The Pikachu seems to be thinking about something. His long ears are splayed to the side and he has one paw in his mouth.

Pikachu is an extremely curious Pokemon. What do you think Pikachu is thinking?

This cute photo looks like Pikachu is having a good time dancing! We think the image conveys a happy and joyful feeling and it would be fun to match it with the colors you choose.

It is a joyful and charming scene so we used bright, vibrant colors to create an atmosphere of party for the photo.

What colors make you happy to use in a photograph? We don’t care what they might be, they will look amazing in this image.

Our next collection of coloring pages for Pikachu is another page that features our favorite electric Pokemon looking extremely happy!

This image makes it look as if he’s announcing something, and since he can only speak his name, it is easy to guess what he is talking about.

You can also color Pikachu with accessories, background details or other fun elements to make it even more appealing.

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