Peter Rabbit Coloring Pages

Peter Rabbit is one of those rare rabbits that has the honor of being one the most loved rabbits in the entire world.

The world was first introduced to this adorable little rabbit in 1902. He is still loved to this day. This collection of Peter Rabbit coloring pages is for kids and he’s the star!

You can recreate the watercolor art style of the original Peter Rabbit books by coloring these printables.

By experimenting with different art mediums and tools you can create many new styles. We’re certain to be amazed at the results.

These Peter Rabbit coloring pages are completely free to download, color, and enjoy!

Pumpkin Coloring Pages

You can print as many copies as necessary, and you’ll want to share these adorable printables with friends and family.

You can pick your favorites from the collection, or you can color each one! You can then share your favorite images on our Facebook or Pinterest pages.

We might use a lot more small strokes with a paintbrush to give the puppy a fluffy appearance.

What other techniques are you able to use to complete this page?

We have another adorable puppy to color. This fluffy puppy is so gentle and sweet.

You can add color to the collar by adding a collar to the puppy’s neck.

You can add subtle details to the collar by writing what name you wish for your puppy in small letters.

We think this is another example where smaller strokes of medium would look great to make the puppy look fluffy and nice.

When you are done with it, it will look even more adorable!

In this first image of our collection, Peter looks very happy and confident in the Peter Rabbit coloring pages!

He seems ready for adventure, standing straight up with his arms at his sides.

These coloring sheets can be used to help you add personal touches to your image by adding background details.

What setting would you suggest for Peter Rabbit’s confident portrayal?

We have a second Peter Rabbit coloring page for you! It’s a cute rendition of the famous rabbit!

This printable has a lot of detail work that will allow you to color in many small areas.

Peter is portrayed in most portrayals with light brown fur and a mild pink jacket. This is important to remember if you want your portrayal to look accurate.

You can also choose to use different colors to make your Peter Rabbit representation.

Peter looks like he has won the rabbit jackpot with this Peter Rabbit coloring page. He is holding a huge carrot and looks happy about it.

This large carrot is a great visual detail. It also allows you to use beautiful bright oranges.

This will contrast well with his lighter colored shirt and fur.

You might consider using a brighter medium, such as colored markers or pens for the carrot, to contrast it with the rest of your picture.

We think you would love to give this puppy a hug if you met it in person. This adorable little puppy looks a lot like a poodle.

To make this picture appear more alive, you can add some craft elements to it. You could place cotton wool on top of the dog’s fur.

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