Pennywise Drawing, Kawaii Style

Pennywise Drawing, Kawaii Style

Step one:

Start by drawing the head guide shape before drawing the body shape. Fill with the facial contours using those facial lines.

Step two:

Next, take a step using the circle to sketch out the precise shape of Pennywise’s face. Include the hairline curve.

Step three:

With the facial guides make the eyes, the clown’s colored nose, mouth, and then fill in the mouth with those sharp , gnarly teeth. Paint the lines of face paint to the eyes as well as the mouth.

Step four:

In this illustration, you can draw the hairstyle, which is the typical clown hairstyle with a refined look. Include the details to the hairstyle as well.

Step five:

Let’s begin by drawing the body. Draw the ruffle collar , and then draw the suit layered or clown suit. After that, draw the arms that have ruffled sleeves as well. The next step is to draw the hands and finally the pants. You can add crinkles on the clothes to create some texture. Then, you can add buttons.

Step six:

Lasly draw Pennywise shoes. Don’t forget the pom-poms on the shoes. Eliminate the mistakes, and you’re finished.

Step seven:

Here’s what your final sketch should look like after you’re finished. You can now color it in.

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