Paw Patrol Coloring Pages -

Paw Patrol Coloring Pages

Paw Patrol Coloring Pages

Chase typically wears an blue police uniform. It also wears a yellow and brown color scheme. Are you going to stick to these colors or try to get this collection up and running with your own distinctive color scheme?


The English bulldog breeder Rubble is available for this following Paw Patrol coloring printable.

Rubble is a skilled builder who can fix any broken item Rubble is a vital member for Paw Patrol! Paw Patrol team!

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He is wearing bright yellow safety equipment when working So you can make use of colored markers or pens to make his workwear stand out.

Rocky who recycles is the main character in this third Paw Patrol coloring page.

This dog is adept at recycling waste materials to make essential repairs. In addition, he is a great example of how important recycling is throughout our lives.

This character is dressed in bright green gear , and darker shades beneath fur. What colors and what art media do you think are the best for Rocky?


A human version of Ryder is the one featured in this Paw Patrol coloring sheet.

He is the chief in Paw Patrol. He is the leader of Paw Patrol team, and helps them learn the necessary skills to succeed in their endeavors. He’s literally leaping into action in this picture and it’s an extremely exciting photo!

When coloring this photo of Ryder you can go to the usual colour scheme that he wears during the series, or make a new style for the character he is adored by so many.

What will you do to color this representation that depicts the Paw Patrol leader?


There is a different picture of Ryder for you to color on this page. This one appears less agitated than the pose he pulled earlier on the same page!

If you want to color this image, you can use the program to render him accurate on screen or make a new style for him.

Another great method to put your own twist to this image is to add more details onto the background in order to create an even more particular environment for him to become a part of.

What kind of scenario can you think of to put him in?


The next dog we will have for the next Paw Patrol coloring sheet is the adventure-seeking Tracker. The Tracker is content in the wild and loves adventures!

In this photo I believe that using stunning natural colors will fit Tracker’s character.

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