Parrot How to Draw for Beginners Step by Step -

Parrot How to Draw for Beginners Step by Step

Parrot How to Draw for Beginners Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

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Step 1

Draw an upside-down teardrop shape starting at the top of your paper. This creates the upper beak of the parrot.

The top of the shape should be wide and round, while the bottom must be sharp and pointed.

You can use reference lines to ensure the parrot is drawn in the middle of your paper.

The spot you need to draw the outline for the upper beak is marked by the vertical line at its top. This guide ensures there is enough room at the bottom to accommodate the entire body, wings, feet, and legs of the parrot.

Step 2: Draw the beak of the parrot

Draw a pointed form just below the upside-down teardrop shape you drew in step 1. This will create the bottom beak of the parrot.

This shape should be slightly smaller that the one we did earlier. The lower beak should be only partially exposed. As shown in the illustration the upper beak can be seen partially.

Step 3 – Next draw the head of the parrot

To form the head, draw a curve starting at the top of your beak.

For extra texture, add thick spikes feathers! This makes the parrot appear more real.

Step 4: Draw the body of your parrot

To create the entire body of the parrot, extend the head shape line downwards.

Make sure to emphasize the chest by making your middle parrot’s body wider than others.

Step 5 – Next, draw the right wing

By arranging layers of feathers together, create the wings on the right side.

You can create feathers by drawing curved lines that look like the capital letter “U”

The wings should be about the same length as the body of the parrot.

Step 6 – Create the Left Wing form

Draw a slight curve upwards on the parrot’s opposite side.

Draw multiple U-shaped curves down until you reach the chest of the parrot if the line is longer than an inch. This creates the interior of the left-wing.

The illustration shows that the left wing has been raised higher than the right, which is visible in the illustration. These wings have different shapes and forms.

Step 7 – Complete Left Wing and Right Wing

As a guide, use the inside of your left wing to draw many elongated shapes for the feathers.

As shown in the illustration, the feathers must be spread so that the wings face up.

Step 8: Draw the feet and toes of the parrot

Draw two long, straight legs just below the body of the parrot with your paws below.

Make sure to add toes at the back and front of each foot.

Step 9 – Now add facial features and details

When drawing any bird, it is important to add details and patterns. This gives your drawing a bird texture that makes it look more real.

To create the big eyes of the parrot, draw an inverted U-shaped shape starting at the top. At the bottom, draw a horizontal line.

To create the pupil, draw a vertical oval within the eye. Next, draw a small circle within the pupil. Shade the pupil, but leave the small circle visible.

To finish the look of your beak, move to the mouth and draw a diagonal ramp along with a straight line next to it.

To create a clear separation between the underside and the top, draw a straight line along the length of your parrot’s body.

After we’ve successfully drawn a parrot it’s now time to choose and color the parrot.

This is where you can display your artistic talent and mix and match colors.

Parrots are usually green but there are also parrots with more vivid colors such as reds, pinks and yellows.

This allows you to choose from many colors when coloring your parrot.

Enjoy playing with colors, and watch the parrot come to life.

You are done with your parrot drawing!

This step-by-step parrot drawing tutorial was enjoyed by many. We are confident that you will be able to draw a charming parrot quickly, no matter how advanced or beginner you are at drawing.


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